NEWS: We've released a tutorial and quest system. Please read homepage post for details.

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New Tutorial and Quest System

By larissar on September 13

We've released our Tutorial and Quests!

This is a combined system which guides a new player though many features of the game, and leads into a series of quests which allow you to earn money, experience points and pony tokens.

For those of you who've been playing for a while you'll likely notice many quests completing very quickly, and you may find you are presented with section of the tutorial which you are unable to completed. If you visit the new Quests page (Player > Quests) the page will check which quests you have already completed and reward you.

You may need to refresh the Quests page numerous times until all your previously completed quests are completed.

As always, please report any bugs or other problems you experience while completing the tutorial and quests.

Wearables Are Coming Soon!

By larissar on July 23

We're getting Saddles!

An exciting announcement that wearables are coming very soon!

Thats right the saddles and bridles are finally on their way. This is a preview of the english saddle, and the Western saddle is already finished as well. We'll post preview pictures later on to show off the rest of the coming art. This means all you KickStarter Backers are getting your Tack Sets soon!!

We're just working out the final bugs before releasing the update. The initial release, which could be as early as the end of this weekend, will feature only the Halters you're familiar with, in a variety of colours. The Tack Sets will be released once all the artwork is finished.

Please Be Advised - Update Coming

By larissar on June 12

The game update which I've been working on for a few months will be uploaded today. This is your advanced warning please expect things to be broken for the next couple of hours. I will be here fixing every bug that comes. Please report any and all bugs you find so nothing gets missed.


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