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Holiday Wearables Re-Released

By larissar on December 08

Happy Holidays !

To celebrate the holiday season we've re-released our holiday wearables from previous years and we're working on new wearables for you horses and ponies to look their best and celebrate.

Check out the Tack Shop and see what we have available.

Halloween 2019

By larissar on October 22

It's Halloween month again so Exclusive Wearables and farm Decorations are available until October 31!

Three cool new costumes added to our collection.

If you haven't already noticed we've added our Halloween collection of pumpkins, tombstones, ghosts and wearables for your horses to our Tack Shop and Farm Building Shop. This year we have three new costumes designed, a Bumble Bee, Butterfly wings in multiple colours, and 2 new versions of the Skeleton costume!

Make sure you get your favourites now because they'll be gone on Oct 31 and won't be back for another year.

Visit: Wearables Store

Visit: Decorations Store

PeacefulOreo is holding a Halloween Contest you should check out too

We have Goats!

By larissar on June 23

Pet Goats are now available to live on your farm

Multiple different colours to choose from.

The first pets we've added to the game are these lovely goats. Created in memory of Edgar, the cream coloured goat who lived at the barn where I ride and past away earlier this year. And created to honour to the two new black + white goats who arrived a few weeks later, Nanny and her baby Oreo. Edgar was a much loved, yet very annoying goat who ate all the cork from the corkboards. Nanny and Oreo are very friendly and playful and can be heard constantly running back and forth in the hayloft above the barn.

Now you can have goats of your very own, playing on your farm. Get them from the Farm Building store for now, while we build a proper Pet store.

Visit: Buy Goats at the Farm Store

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