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"Fancy Horse" Contest Winners

By Tom on September 05

"Fancy Horse" Contest Winners

These well-bred horses struck our fancy!

Congratulations to our fancy horse contest winners!
The top 4 will get a one month premium account!

ThePlatinumGarden wrote:I really love him for his unusual pinkish color! I've never seen anything alike in this game before and to me he's pure beauty C:
Dreamy Shade

Royal Pie wrote:This is my most precious horse. Angel is a gorgeous stallion and beautifully colored. I found him when he was just a cheap foal for sale and I've trained him myself: he's become my greatest competition horse, winning titles in 5 different disciplines and he has sired a ton of beautiful foals.
Angel Heart

Sassy wrote:This is HH Two Horse. I think shes fancy because shes business in the front and a party in the back.
HH Two Horse

appleloosafarm wrote:This mare is the most fanciest horse i have seen, I might not be able to take the credit of breeding her but boy was she beautiful. I thought I was not going to get a chance to buy her because she had been first put up and the minute I saw her I fell in love :D

I'd also like to congratulate our runners up!

Zebracat1234 wrote:This is my fanciest mare. What makes her fancy you ask? Well, let me tell you. First off, look at her long feathers. That's fancy. Mohawk? Edgy, yet fancy. And her tail is hella long and thick, fancy. She's also a pretty and fancy color, Silver Smoky Cream, with a couple of spots for some pizzazz.
ίE Pearlescent Sun

Nazarach wrote:I deem her fancy, because her coat has a shade like smoky quartz or Morion and the silver mane resembles supple strands of fine spun silk (when it is grown out - look at her dam) ^^ Her head has a nice shape and her overall quiet, calm look in contrast to her red eyes and actual temper is stunning. And everyone knows, Nobility always has quite the temper ;)
Swift Dread

Malakai10 wrote:I believe that this stallion is my fanciest horse for numerous reasons.
The first reason is that he has a tall, light, level build and a shortish back, a high strung temperament, with a short, triangular straight head and longish neck with a carried tail and thin legs - all around making me think of horses of the Victorian-era aristocracy.
His golden eyes make me think of magic, of (BBC's) Merlin, of Hestia, and of dragons.
Most of all, the fact that his coat is a gold tint (and what is fancier than gold?), but not the overwhelming and sometimes garish gold of palomino or buckskin, but a beautifully subtle colour that shines and can go with just about anything. With a darker dorsal stripe, legs and face that isn't sudden, but the colours that flow into each other in a beautiful transition.
RSÆ Assembly Splendour Mistress

Thank you to everyone who entered the fancy horse contest! It was so hard to choose with so many wonderful horses!

Tobiano Paints Have Arrived

By larissar on July 30

Tobiano Paints Have Arrived

Find your favourite in the Adoption Centre

Its official folks, we have tobiano paints in the adoption centre!

Two weeks ago we quietly launched the tobiano paint pattern to numerous breeds. Since then we've made some adjustments to the pattern frequency, and refresh rate of old horses in the adoption centre. Now a horse will be available for 12 hours and if its not adopted a new horse will take its place. Check back often and you'll see so many beautiful horses.

There are thousands of pattern possibilities ranging from nearly full body white like a Medicine Hat, to just a small sock or star like a Slipped Tobiano.

Whats your favourite pattern?

Summer Updates

By larissar on June 25

Summer Updates

Coolers, Flysheets, Breeding Changes and New Player Bonus

You may have already noticed the new addition of Flysheets and Cooler Blankets added to the tack shop last week, but here are a few other new changes added in today.

Breeding Energy
Breeding horses will now use 10% energy. This means a stallion can breed 10 times but will then have to age up to continue breeding. This change is to help prevent immortal stallions kept on accounts that aren't advancing time. We would love to hear your feedback on this feature, we may adjust the energy cost depending on player feedback.

Player Bonus - Increase Maximum Horses
This has been a highly requested addition. Many players want to own more than the maximum of 211 horses and have expressed interested in a purchasable option to increase how many horses thy can own. In response we've decided to add in a Player Bonus which will increase your maximum horses by 25%. This means adding an additional 53 horses to the maximum.
Visit the Player Bonus Store for more information.