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New Contests forum

By larissar on December 03

I've created a new forum for all the awesome contests happening now to make them easier to find. If you are hosting a contest and I didn't move your topic to the new forum yet let me know and ill move it. Even old contest can be moved too for safe keeping if wanted. Have fun!

Planned Maintenance Downtime

By larissar on November 12

We recently learned the company hosting this game will be closing its doors at the end of the month so we'll be migrating the game to a new server.

The new server has been created and most of the software is now installed.
I'll be uploading a test version of the game to make sure everything is setup and configured correctly.
Once I'm happy with the setup I'll begin making a copy of the live game database. Some of this process can be done while the game is still running but at some point I will have to put the site offline to finish the copy.
Once the database is uploaded to the new server I can then put the game back online.
This process can take a few hours to complete.

Throughout this entire process I will keep you informed as to the progress via our Facebook and Twitter accounts (linked in the page footer).

I do not have a time-frame as to when each step will happen but as I get closer to knowing when the game will be offline I will give you as much notice as I can. Tentatively I'm hoping to have the server ready to do the transfer Sunday evening (tomorrow, eastern standard timezone).

UPDATE 11/13 (Sunday): The new server is online and running a test version of the game and renderer perfectly so far! There is a little more configuration to complete, mostly just for performance and security, and then I'll begin migrating the database. The plan is to take the time tonight to complete the configuration, then Monday Tuesday evening I'll begin migrating the database. I'll post a notice a few hours before this beings.

Edit: Going to push this back to Tuesday instead, to give me more time to test a few other things so I'm 200% sure the server is ready.

UPDATE 11/15 (Tuesday): Configuring the security settings has taken longer than I planned, and during the process it was suggested to me that now is a good time to look into getting an SSL certificate to further increase security. Since we still have 15 days before we have to be off the current server I'm going to push back the database migration another couple of days while I look into setting up the SSL certificate as well as a few other things I'm going to do while I have this opportunity. I'll keep you all updated on continued progress :)

UPDATE 11/20 (Sunday): Tonight the database migration will begin at 8:30pm Eastern Standard Time. The game will be offline during this migration. We anticipate at least a couple hours downtime but it could be far less. Stay tune for Facebook and Twitter for updated.

UPDATE 11/21 (Monday, VERY early am!): Database migration is complete and appears to have gone smoothly. Please report anything strange or any bugs that appear and please bear with us through this transition.

UPDATE 11/21 (Monday evening): We are experiencing some intermittent performance issues so we're going to increase the system resources. The server has to be powered off for this to happen. We're expecting just over an hour of downtime. This process will begin tonight at 9:45 pm EST.

Halloween Contest!

By larissar on October 28

Halloween Pasture Decorating Contest

Win one of 4 custom coloured tack sets of your choosing

Halloween is almost here and its time to get our pastures ready for the spooky day! So head over to the farm decorating store to pick up some pumpkins, ghosts and other items to decorate your pasture. Dress up your favourite ponies and create a spooky scene.

4 players with the best decorated pastures will get their choice of a custom tack set (english or western, each set contains one saddle, bridle and saddlepad), and they'll get to choose the colours!

To Enter:
- Decorate one of your pastures however you like
- Select at least one horse to live there until the contest is finished
- Take a screenshot of your pasture (tip: try taking a screenshot at different times of day for cool effects)
- Post a screenshot as a reply and include a link to your pasture

Entries must be received by Monday October 31 at midnight (eastern standard time). Winners will be announced after Halloween (Nov 1)!