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Summer Updates

By larissar on June 25

Summer Updates

Coolers, Flysheets, Breeding Changes and New Player Bonus

You may have already noticed the new addition of Flysheets and Cooler Blankets added to the tack shop last week, but here are a few other new changes added in today.

Breeding Energy
Breeding horses will now use 10% energy. This means a stallion can breed 10 times but will then have to age up to continue breeding. This change is to help prevent immortal stallions kept on accounts that aren't advancing time. We would love to hear your feedback on this feature, we may adjust the energy cost depending on player feedback.

Player Bonus - Increase Maximum Horses
This has been a highly requested addition. Many players want to own more than the maximum of 211 horses and have expressed interested in a purchasable option to increase how many horses thy can own. In response we've decided to add in a Player Bonus which will increase your maximum horses by 25%. This means adding an additional 53 horses to the maximum.
Visit the Player Bonus Store for more information.

Competition Updates and Fixes

By larissar on April 29

Competition Updates

New updates and bug fixes to competitions

We've updated a few small things with competitions.

Prize Money and points
Competitions will now award prize money and points to 5th place. Previously the awards were only handed out to 4th place.

Added Purses on Recurring Competitions
Added purses on recurring competitions have been corrected.

Points-Per-Start Level Definitions
The game will now calculate daily the points-per-start range for each level of each discipline. The points-per-start range determines what level each horse should be competing at. Its calculated by looking at the competitive population of each discipline to determine who are the best horses and putting them at the highest levels. This means your beginner horses or those who aren't as good still have a chance to win. This calculation has a cap on how much it can change from day to day so there are no spikes or valleys causing your horse to jump around from one level to another. However since this is a new change you'll probably see your good horses gradually move to their proper levels over the next week or two.