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Patreon Q&A for February

By larissar on February 12

Our very first Questions and Answers post has been published on our Patreon. This will be a monthly feature and we're very excited to share with you.

The Firefox Bug is Fixed!

By larissar on January 13

The Firefox Bug is Fixed!

No more black artifacts on your horses

This has been an annoying bug that has plagued us for a very long time but I've finally found a workaround. I've known all along that this was a bug in Firefox and not just a bug in the game and there has been a ticket in with Mozilla but they have yet to fix it. But its okay because I've finally found a work around so that the horses will still render correctly. Rejoice!

Holiday Wearables Week 4

By larissar on December 24

Week 4 of Holiday Items for your horses!

The final set of holiday wearable items have been added to the Tack Shop today. 2 bridles in three different colours with decorating bells on the reins.

Find them in the Tack Shop this week only.

English Bridle in Red, Green and Walnut
Image ImageImage

Western Bridle in Red, Green and Walnut
Image ImageImage


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