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Don't want to play anymore? Deactivate your account

By larissar on February 19

Sadly the single most frequent request we get is a user asking to have their account deactivated. Its always been a manual process and as the user base grows, so too do the number of support requests we get. So the irony is that we end up spending the majority of our time helping users who don't actually want to play anymore.

So, today's newest feature is that we've given users the ability to deactivate their own accounts now. This can be found in the Navigation panel under Settings -> Forum Settings -> Deactivate My Account.

Festive Saddle pads for the Holidays

By larissar on December 20

2 New festive saddle pads have been added to the Tack Shop for a limited time

Your horses will look like they are ready for the holiday

We've been hard at work behind the scenes here building a sleek new admin panel and these two new saddle pads are the first of many new additions you'll start seeing around here now that we can more easily and quickly add more tack for your horses.

Check back throughout the week to see what other new items are added in, and don't forget to stop by and collect your 2018 Holiday gift which will be announced in the next few days. Happy Holidays HWOer's!

Update Dec 21
Matching leg wraps have been added to our special Holiday collection!

Visit: Wearables Store

Halloween 2017!

By larissar on October 04

It's Halloween month. Exclusive Wearables and farm Decorations available until October 31!

Get ready for Halloween with these awesome exclusive new items!

Check out the Tack Shop and the Farm Building store which is stocked with pumpkins, ghosts and costumes for your horses! With more New items coming soon.

Visit: Wearables Store

Visit: Decorations Store