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Competition Result Details

  • Taylahmaple's Level 1 Cross Country

  • Cross Country competition

  • For horses up to Level 1
  • Open to Shetland Ponys
  • Open to Mares, Stallions & Geldings aged 4 to 6 years old
  • Entry fee 20
  • No recurrence
  • Hosted by Taylahmaple

First place Prize:

Spool of Thread
A simple spool of thread, used for crafting goods.

Purse: $287
To be divided among the top 5 winners


Place Horse Score Reward Owner Rider
1 Helloween
Shetland Pony Stallion
42 penalty points. $112
4 points
Paulin Paulin
2 Princess
Shetland Pony Mare
42.9 penalty points. $83
3 points
LiveLoveLaugh.Horse LiveLoveLaugh.Horse
3 Sugar
Shetland Pony Mare
44.3 penalty points. $55
2 points
DarkRose101 DarkRose101
4 Little Forest
Shetland Pony Mare
45 penalty points. $26
1 points
LegoHorse LegoHorse
5 sassy
Shetland Pony Mare
45.7 penalty points.
pony are life pony are life