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Spanish Mustang

Note: Horses must have 4* or 5* Spanish Mustang Evaluation.

My Timid Wasteland

Mare, 18 years, 3.2 months
Spanish Mustang, 14.1hh
Too light, too much horse type.
2* Spanish Mustang Evaluation (For the above reasons)

★ Little Tough One ★

Stallion, 11 years, 8.6 months
Spanish Mustang, 14.0hh
5* Eval

★ Sandy ★

Mare, 8 years, 4.6 months
Spanish Mustang, 13.2hh
5* Spanish Mustang Evaluation

★ Handsome Boy ★

Colt, 2 years, 9 months
Spanish Mustang, 13.0hh
Body Size 35% to 55%
Your Horse is 75.5% [Rating Poor]
Body Size describes the overall bulk of the horse.

Type 70% Horse Type to 50% Pony Type
Your Horse is 75% Horse Type [Rating Poor]
Type is the description of leg length to body length.

2* Spanish Mustang Evaluation. (For the above reasons)
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