Envyel. owned by .Nyx.

     The Envyel ~ 






      Life is not meaningless.     
     My horses~     

Oreo.Mare. North African Barb.
Embryla.Mare. Arabian.


Fjord.Stallion.Grade Horse.
Skye.Mare.North African Barb x Arabian.

My real name is Voila, and this is me~


My playlist.~

Don't open the eyes that link to your body, see through your horses eyes.


Area Description Horse Capacity Quality
єℓℓ¢яуѕ ραѕтυяє~
Large White Board Pasture
The Ellcrys Pasture is a home. It will happily take in any horse of all species, this including ponies, and occasionally even donkeys. It definitely provides a safe home to the offspring. It also gives a good amount of food, not too much, not too little. 50% Filled
100% Visit Area
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