*LS* London Snowy Stables

*LS* London Snowy Stables owned by Avenger1435

About My Stables: I focus on breeding good quality horses to either sell , breed or for Stud.  *LS* Is a trade mark do not copy!

Breeds:  Arabians , Thoroughbreds , Belgians ,  Akla-Tekes , Marwaris , Grade Horses

Breeding- My Breeding and Buying HGP Level is 67,000+

All studs under 60,000 HGP are eligible for public breeding all eligible studs will be in the public stud pasture . 

If I have any current stud adds I will refresh them Sunday.

Breeding Programs-   Arabian is currently the breed that I am focused and will be for a while . None of my Arabs are for sale unless marked.




Grade Horse-

Mixed Breeds-

Current Sales: All the horses that are for sale are in the fallowing pastures , Stallions #1. Any horse under 64,000 is for offer so if you have any way to contact me for a horse you want


Area Description Horse Capacity Quality
Arabian Mares #1
Large White Board Pasture
65,000 HGP+
100% Filled
4.9% Visit Area
Royalty Arabian Mares #1
Large White Board Pasture
70,000 HGP +
0% Filled
6.6% Visit Area
Arabian Colts #1
Large White Board Pasture
67% Filled
21.3% Visit Area
Stallions #1
Large White Board Pasture
58% Filled
11.9% Visit Area
Belgian Mares #1
Large White Board Pasture
3/6 33% Filled
12.5% Visit Area
Large Walnut Board Pasture
25% Filled
10% Visit Area
Belgian Stallions. #1
Large White Board Pasture
50% Filled
4.9% Visit Area
Arabian Stallions #1
Large Walnut Board Pasture
65,000 HGP+ 83% Filled
4.9% Visit Area
Fellowship Of The Arabic Kings
Large White Board Pasture
70,000 HGP+ 75% Filled
4.9% Visit Area
Fillys #1
Large Walnut Board Pasture
Fillys-4 Years and under 58% Filled
21.6% Visit Area
Grade Horse Stallions #1
Large White Board Pasture
33% Filled
34.1% Visit Area
Transfer Stallions/Colts
Medium Black Board Pasture
4x Akhal-Teke 63% Filled
8.5% Visit Area
Transfer Mares/Fillys
Medium Espresso Board Pasture
3x Akhal-Teke 63% Filled
8.6% Visit Area
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