* Hoof to Hearts *

* Hoof to Hearts * owned by Kinneygirls

Hoof to Hearts 

is a multi discipine, & multi breed

farm! We are starting a breeding program & when big enough will also have s training program too! 

We are focusing on breeding mainly! We usually have horses & foals for sale at our stable! Always good choices! We also provide the newest breeding extension, amazing stallions for stud! All for u! All for cheap!

For the Holidays, we are doing a sale for breedings and horses we sell! 

Our purpose is to give people well bred foals, that will keep there breeding, and showing bloodlines pure, and effective! Congrats to those who win! Great Job!

Pardon any mistakes we ever will make because no one is perfect! God Bless

About Me: Account creator/manager

My name is Alexa. I am an animal enthusiast. I ride horses, and own a dog and bird. Currently saving up for my own horse! I ride english and western. I am a christian, and do everything I do for the glory of God!
Area Description Horse Capacity Quality
My Private Horses~ Specials
Small Purple Country Barn
This is a barn for the horses that are not just a part of my business but they stuck to me! I run a breeding business and these horses are part of my heart which means I am not keeping them for my job. 25% Filled
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* Broodmare's * ( Part 1 )
Large White Board Pasture
This pasture holds only the finest horses used for breeding! We breed with quality & almost every foal we breed we sell to you guys for extremely cheap! No more than 500! 67% Filled
100% Visit Area
Foals that are being trained than sold/reserved
Small Driftwood Board Pasture
These are foals I bred and am training so that they can be sold. Many may be reserved as well. They most likely won’t exceed over 2 years of age. 25% Filled
57.5% Visit Area
Broodmares Part 4
Small White Board Pasture
Broodmares part 4 100% Filled
86.9% Visit Area
Foals Part 3
Medium Walnut Board Pasture
These are more of,our amazingly bred foals! 75% Filled
36% Visit Area
Mares~ Part 5
Small Natural Board Pasture
More breeding mares! 100% Filled
100% Visit Area
Stallions Part 4
Small Walnut Board Pasture
100% Filled
53% Visit Area
My Trainees~ Horses I train and keep
Small Natural Board Pasture
These horses are horses I am training and also keeping. They will not be for sale until further notice. 25% Filled
80.8% Visit Area
Broodmares 2
Large Walnut Board Pasture
100% Filled
100% Visit Area
Stallion Studs
Medium White Board Pasture
Some are up for breeding, so make sure to check these handsome buds out! 100% Filled
53.7% Visit Area
Foal we bred-1
Large White Board Pasture
Foals we bred part 1 100% Filled
45.7% Visit Area
Extra Room
Small Walnut Board Pasture
These are Horses that are truly amazing but we just don’t have room or a category fo them. They will wait here till a spot opens up to then. 0% Filled
4.9% Visit Area
Stallions- Up for breeding Part 5
Small Driftwood Board Pasture
These are stallions that YOU can breed with! 100% Filled
53.5% Visit Area
Broodmares Pt 3!
Small White Board Pasture

These Broodmares are best of the best and are being bred carefully with the best of the best!
100% Filled
100% Visit Area
Sales - part 1
Small Walnut Board Pasture
These r horses that are for sale even if not listed, just tell us I want whichever one and we will give i the price on the email listed below.
[email protected]- only horses
50% Filled
85.4% Visit Area
Stallions up For breeding Pt 2!
Small Driftwood Board Pasture
These are where my stallions go for the breeding category. All are up for breeding! Pick wisely, tho they are all excellent!

100% Filled
47% Visit Area
Small White Board Pasture
These horses could be old and retiring soon, or being held for someone. Or just needed a bit more room. 25% Filled
71% Visit Area
Foals~ Part 2
Small Driftwood Board Pasture
These are foals that we have bred with confidence and pride, and are not just ready to send them off yet! Parents you know what we mean. (: 100% Filled
42.4% Visit Area
Stallions Breed Pt 3
Small Walnut Board Pasture
This is where you will find my stallions that are for stud or they are just my studs! 100% Filled
43.5% Visit Area
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