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(Ꮙ) Veterinarian's farm log

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(Ꮙ) Veterinarian's farm log

Postby Veterinarian » June 13th, 2019, 1:10 pm

This is just a page for me to post what is happening in my farm ( chores, projects, interests) it is not something too exciting!

(Ꮙ) Veterinarian's farm


Thoroughbred project:

My goal for this project is to creat a line of purebred Thoroughbreds that are bred to be specialized in racing.

They must have 60+ speed, 30+ strength and 30+ stamina.
I will also focus on them having good bloodlines, the dun gene and also be capable of changing their temperament to high strung.

Mares that I will use:

I will be able to use her for 1 more breeding.

Has the dun gene!


Speed 59
Strength 31
Stamina 33

Born: Bombproof, 31 inches

Speed 58
Strength 31
Stamina 46

Born: Bombproof, 33 inches

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