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Major Update - June 12

Log of changes released to the game
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Major Update - June 12

Postby larissar » June 23rd, 2016, 7:10 am

A bit late but here is a (hopefully) complete list of the changes in the recent major update

Layout / General
  • Removed background colour from header bar to "open up" the layout
  • Fixed header icons so they'll fit better on smaller screens by sleectively moving some icons from the header into the left side nav bar
  • Added a farm age and current season indicator to the header icons
  • Fixed an issue with creating a new account on some select browsers
  • All page content is now contained within a max-width box for easier designing of pages, and also allowing more of the background to show through
  • Added ability to have a game-wide notice appear for important messages (such as this new update and that we're working on bug fixes)

  • Fixed the url in pasture/barn views when looking at a specific horses profile, now it'll update to show the horse profile url instead of the barn url, which was causing some confusion to players
  • Added a X in the top right corner of a horses profile to "close" the horse, or Return it to the pasture/barn, which also updates the url back to the barn or pasture
  • Updated the entire layout to improve display on smaller devices
  • Current pasture/barn the horse is kept in is now displayed in a side panel with a link and image of the area, dropdown form for moving horse into a new area is moved below this
  • Feeding is moved out of a new page and into a side panel
  • Breeders Report now has added Gold stats
  • Horse Genetic Potential is newly added. Horse Potential is a weighted value to describe the horses total hidden performance stats. A higher number indicates a naturally talented horse however training is still necessary to unlock the horses potential
  • Competition record table is uploaded for display on smaller screens
  • Discipline name now links to the horses recent results for that specific discipline
  • Find Upcoming Competitions link added for searching for upcoming competitions thus specific horse is eligible for
  • Win % column is added which is the percentage of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place wins relative to the total competitions entered
  • Points Per Start (PPS) is added which is used for calculating the horses current level
  • Level now links to a popup which shows the PPS range for each level for that specific discipline, and highlights where this specific horse falls on the range
  • Training progress bars are now gradient coloured from yellow to green, energy is coloured from grey to green, and fatigue is coloured from grey to red. Green indicates "Good" values, Grey indicates "Neutral" values and Red incidates "Bad" values
  • Training is moved out of its own page and into the main display
  • Training now estimates the stat gain/energy usage before you apply the training, so you can make better choices in your training goals, and immediately see the lowering gain due to high fatigue
  • Local Shows now only award Pony Tokens and days in shows from Level 2 and higher
  • Local Shows winning scores are now relative to existing World Records, so if your horse is winning high level Local Shows, then he's probably got a really good chance of winning high level Competitions
  • Gallery image size is changed to reflect the same aspect ratio of a tradition photograph
  • Fixed bug in Gallery which causes improper display of gallery images when the horse had earned a title
  • Fixed bug which prevented dragging/repositioning of horse when taking a photo to add to the gallery
  • Conformation panel now shows an icon for each conformation point
  • Added a range indicator for each conformation point so you can clearly see where your horse falls on the range
  • Adjusted the scale of conformation effects so there are no longer any negative effects
  • Adjusted the formula for horse body growth, now foals will grow into their adult bodies at a slightly slower rate, which improves the images for foals
  • Adjusted the formula for height growth for a smoother transition throughout the growing stages
  • Created a profile page layout for Retired horses
  • When viewing a horse from the pasture/barn page the horse profile will now appear layered over the pasture or barn, with a blur effect applied to the pasture or barn (PC only for performance reasons, phones/tables still have the profile appear below the barn or pasture)

  • Search for upcoming competitions by discipline, breed, level and entry fee
  • Search for upcoming competitions a single horse is eligible for (by linking from the horses profile page)
  • Search for recent results similar to searching for upcoming competitions
  • Search for recent results for a single horse (by following link from horses profile page)
  • Fixed bug allowing non purebred horses to enter breed specific competitions

  • Added in ability for all barn and pasture decorations to be returned to inventory
  • Inserting images into farm descriptions now functions properly

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