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Training Changes - Jun 27

Log of changes released to the game
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Training Changes - Jun 27

Postby larissar » June 27th, 2016, 11:29 pm

Entire training system has been re-balanced:

  • Each training activity has been re-calibrated so energy used vs stats gained is fair across each discipline option
  • Energy usage formula has been completely overhauled:

    • The proportional effect from high stamina training in a horse has less effect now than previously. You no longer need to maximize your horses stamina before attempting other activities. High stamina will still help though.
    • Energy costs are lower for easy/short activities and higher for intense/long activities
    • Energy costs are higher, but stats gains have also increased, so you'll accomplish the same amount of training with less clicking
  • Training layout has been modified so progress bars are to the right (PC), or below (Tablet, Phone) the training options panels
  • Training options now appear more button like (training activities will soon have this same effect)
  • Fatigue calculation has not been changed however due to the many changes around the rest of training the effect is that fatigue should function better now

Please report anything that seems unusual or does not seem to follow with the above changes.

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