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Wearables Released - Aug 3

Log of changes released to the game
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Wearables Released - Aug 3

Postby larissar » August 7th, 2016, 1:52 pm

A bit late but here is a complete list of the changes when wearables were released on August 3

- added wearables players can purchased from the store and assign to their horses
- wearables can increase/decrease a horses stats or competition score (if the wearable has magic properties)
- changed inventory page so instead of throwing out an item now you can sell the item back for 10% of the purchase price
- fixed a bug causing duplicate code to run for updating a players item count when tossing/selling an item
- updated store layout pages to show items by groups, and fixed display of items so they show full info right from the start instead of having to click to expand
- changed the way courses are priced. No longer is it connected to the "rank" variable instead courses now have a price_level variable same as items etc
- change the formula for calculating the price of all items and courses
- added in code to restock market with random items every 20 minutes
- added an image header to the store pages
- modified js ajax to allow for confirm dialogs before calling ajax code
- added js code to handle adding/remove of wearable to horses images

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