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Tutorial & Quests Update, plus bug fixes - Sept 12 to Sept 18

Log of changes released to the game
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Tutorial & Quests Update, plus bug fixes - Sept 12 to Sept 18

Postby larissar » September 18th, 2016, 11:30 am

Tutorial & Quests Update
- added guided tutorial to learn the basics of playing the game
- tutorial system expands into 400+ quests you can earn bonus experience, money and pony tokens
- visit the Quests page and refresh multiple times to trigger quests you may have completed prior to the quests system being added
- some quests you've already completed can still be completed a second time

Bug Fixes & Improvements
- fixed an issue with the width of display on farm pages
- fixed the display of stat ranges for breeds in the Adoption Centre, display now matches similar displays around the site for consistency
- fixed an error when visiting player profile while not logged in, now properly displays the login form
- fixed some event tracking code not properly reporting data to google analyics
- reduced the time needed to study Rank 1 player courses so players going through the tutorial don'nt have to wait as long
- very slightly increased the cost of feed, this will continue to increase as minor bugs are fixed with feeding, until feeding cost is back up to the value it should be at (currently feed costs are greatly reduced while we're dealing with feeding bugs), this also increases how much you'll earn when mowing a pasture
- decreased the change for a horse to "pass on to greener pastures" when advancing the day, horses have the potential to live up to 45 years old, however this is extremely unlikely
- improved the display of buttons below the farm/pasture/barn views to bring them to attention and look nicer (horizontal vs vertical)
- added text "Edit Name" to the button for Editting your horses name
- added css/js to fix the display issue when inventory or market items height doesn't match its neighbour, causing gaps in the display
- added text to describe each player attribute so you'll have a better idea which attribute to choose when assigning new attribute points
- renamed some links in navigation profile (Player > Learning is now Player > Skills, Market > Adopt Horse is now Market > Adoption Centre)
- fixed a few bug reports in the Bugs subforum

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