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Horse Sales Cleanup

By larissar on April 23

Horse Sales Cleanup
Mini Update - Apr 23, 2023

Some small updates have been published today along with some data clean up

  • All horses for sale longer than 6 months have been removed from the sales (over 3000 ads)
  • All horses for sale for more than 6 months will be automatically removed to keep sales pages up to date
  • All offers on horses for sale which have expired (either been posted too long, or horse has aged out) will be automatically removed now

As always, if you notice any bugs please let us know in the bugs forum.

Updates to Horse for Sale searching

By larissar on April 16

Updates to Horses for Sale searching

Making it even easier to find what you're looking for

We've made a few changes to the Horses for Sale page in the marketplace. Now you can limit your search to ads posted in the last week or month, so you aren't constantly looking through old ads. The date the ad was posted is also included now, as well as better visibility of the details of the horse posted.

Visit: Search Horses for Sale

It's Goat Friday! Again!

By Tom on January 20

The Goats have returned today. It's Goat Friday!

Who doesn't love goats?

Goats make great companions for your horses. Now you can get more goats for your farm. These adorable creatures won't sneak up behind you, eat your clothing or cork boards (don't ask!), and generally cause menace. These are good goats. We promise.

Visit: Buy Goats at the Farm Store

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