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Updates and Such

By larissar on July 18

Hello Horse World Online friends!

I'm sure you've all been wondering what's going on. Looks like its been quite some time since our last update post here so I wanted to fill you all in. Horse World Online will be getting a new server in the not to distant future. Woo!

In order to prepare for the move a number of things have been happening. First, a new development/testing server was setup to replace the old one. Technically there will be two testing servers. One running the old/existing software to make sure everything runs correctly in that environment. A second one will be setup just prior to the official move to replicate the new environment and make sure everything works 200% before we actually launch the new server. Its a major upgrade to the operating system as well as the web-server software and we want the process to be as seamless as possible.

Secondly, we're migrating all (ALL!) the horse images and other supporting files from the existing CDN (Content Delivery Network) to a new one. This alone is a major job which required some code changes on the live game, as well as some custom tools to actually migrate all the files. I currently have the testing server setup to do this migration since it pretty much has to run 24/7. We are currently 2.7 MILLION files migrated and that's only about half the files.

There are a little more code changes that are required on the live game to finalise the second half of the files to transfer, which should be active this week, and at that point I suspect the rest of the migration should hopefully only take a few weeks. That doesn't mean a new server comes in a couple weeks though, there are still many more steps left in the process. We want to make sure everything is working well. Don't forget you can always follow us on our Patreon where I'm posting more often and with more details. The Patreon also helps cover the costs of running this game and all these servers.

As always, hope you all continue to enjoy this game!

Happy Holidays!

By larissar on December 24


2020 Holiday Gift: 250 Pony Tokens and a brand new item, the Holiday Quarter Sheet!

Make sure to collect your Holiday Gift before the end of the year. This is our thanks to you, for being such a great community. We're all hoping for a fantastic holiday, and a great 2021!

Goat Friday!

By larissar on November 27

The Goats have returned today. It's Goat Friday!

Who doesn't love goats?

Goats make great companions for your horses. Now you can get more goats for your farm. These adorable creatures won't sneak up behind you, eat your clothing or cork boards (don't ask!), and generally cause menace. These are good goats. We promise.

Visit: Buy Goats at the Farm Store


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