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Unexpected Outage

By larissar on November 04

The game was offline today for approximately 2.5 hours as best as I can determine. My sincere apologies to everyone affected by this. We are back up and running with no losses as far as I can tell. We'll continue to monitor the server and make sure it doesn't go offline again. If you notice anything strange while playing please let us know so we can investigate.

The Most Exciting News!

By larissar on October 21

We have something super exciting to share! Check out our newest post on Patreon for all the details.

The Most Exciting News! @ Patreon

Happy Halloween!

By larissar on October 15

Halloween Spooky Barns and decorations

Celebrate the season with fun new content

We've added some new run-down looking barns, and dried up trees to decorate your farms for Halloween, and we've brought back some other spooky favourites from past years including the Halloween costumes for your ponies to wear.

Visit: Spooky barns and farm decorations

Visit: Halloween Costumes for your horses


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