Competition Result Details

  • {DPE} Barrel Bash

  • Barrel Racing competition

  • For horses up to Level 2
  • Open to all breeds
  • Open to Mares, Stallions & Geldings aged 2 to 20 years old
  • Entry fee 35
  • Weekly recurrence
  • Hosted by AmbyBamby74477

First place Prize:

Spool of Thread
A simple spool of thread, used for crafting goods.

Purse: $478
To be divided among the top 5 winners


Place Horse Score Reward Owner Rider
1 Ch.+ FF Staggering Damsel
Thoroughbred Stallion
00:22.64 time $286
29 points
Seattle_Baby_96 Seattle_Baby_96
2 GCh. MACM Keeping it Spicy
Quarter Horse Mare
00:22.71 time $213
21 points
HaleyM1111 HaleyM1111
3 MCh.++ HS Pajarillo ♂
Anglo-Arabian Stallion
00:22.77 time $139
14 points
HolmsgaardChampions HolmsgaardChampions
4 GCh. ✦✧LC✧✦ Silver Pride
Part Quarter Horse x Thoroughbred Stallion
00:22.95 time $66
7 points
lemoncypress lemoncypress
5 Ch. Devil's Zee
Quarter Horse x Gypsy Vanner Mare
00:23.54 time $29
3 points
iza.naquin1 iza.naquin1
6 GCh.++ Sucrose Hug
Thoroughbred Stallion
00:23.6 time
Haley1205 Haley1205
7 GCh.++ {FT} Voiceless Arrowhead
Arabian x Quarter Horse Stallion
00:23.68 time
Spritz Spritz
8 GCh. Taunting Cinder
Persian Arabian x Arabian Stallion
00:24.07 time
winter_Cacti winter_Cacti
9 TCh. Spartan's Meister
Part Paint x Thoroughbred Stallion
00:24.07 time
apracity apracity
10 GCh.++ Possessed Slingshot
Part Arabian x Caspian Stallion
00:24.09 time
winter_Cacti winter_Cacti
11 AGF Linked to Perfection
Part Arabian x Deliboz Mare
00:24.13 time
AllegriaOldknight AllegriaOldknight
12 Call me Ninja
Abyssinian x Arabian Mare
00:24.17 time
_Equestrian_4_Life_ _Equestrian_4_Life_
13 SGCh.++ [V] Vitarus
Part Belgian Stallion
00:24.21 time
Symphoenae Symphoenae
14 Ch.+ Chariot of Rain
Akhal-Teke Stallion
00:24.36 time
winter_Cacti winter_Cacti
15 Vague Illusion
Half Arabian Stallion
00:24.44 time
_Equestrian_4_Life_ _Equestrian_4_Life_
16 Nebulous Illusion
Arabian Stallion
00:24.57 time
_Equestrian_4_Life_ _Equestrian_4_Life_
17 Call me Royal
Part Arabian x Abyssinian Mare
00:24.75 time
_Equestrian_4_Life_ _Equestrian_4_Life_
18 Unnamed Horse #2563904
Part North African Barb x Arabian Stallion
00:25.49 time
_Equestrian_4_Life_ _Equestrian_4_Life_
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