*+BT+* Windy Hollow Stables and Boarding

*+BT+* Windy Hollow Stables and Boarding owned by NicoleLovebird

Welcome to Windy Hollow Stables and Boarding!

Here we will buy your horses if you need space and hold them until you have room for them at your stable! Sometimes we will even buy a horse for you and then sell them to you for a low price. We do monthly sales and if you are curious about buying or breeding one of our horses, let me know and I can put that horse up to stud or sell.

Also if you buy a horse, please leave the brand: *+BT+* so that I do not buy back one of our horses. Still feel free to change the name

Area Description Horse Capacity Quality
Eventing holding pen
Large White Board Pasture
The main eventing pen 92% Filled
74.6% Visit Area
Mares for breeding
Medium White Board Pasture
All my breeding program mares 100% Filled
74.2% Visit Area
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