^DM^ RANCHES owned by Dakotamccurley7

This Farm is for Breeding, Aging and Selling Horses
How It works. Horses are Easily identifiable by their dress code 
Stallions/ Colts
  • Blue Cooler
  • Black and Gold Halter
  • White Polo Wraps
  • Mares/Filly’s
  • Green Cooler
  • Green and Gold Halter
  • Green Polo Wraps

Horses have a Registered or Show name and a Barn Name. The Registered name is first and in parentheses is the Barn name (EX.  Registered Name (Barn Name))

Sale horses are excluded from this for the name is for you to decide 

Please keep my brand in any horses purchased from me. 

If you are interested in any horses ping or pm me 
Available Services- (on this account)
  • Aging
  • Custom Breeding
  • Studding
  • Sales
  • Rents
  • Popping
  • Training (still new at this!)

Side Accounts (Frozen)

  • dakotampoppingacct
  • dakotam68
  • D. A. K. O. T. A
  • Yourmom217

Services Avalible on Side Accounts 

  • Champing
  • Boarding


  • Aging- Normal- 5,000 Urgent- 10,000
  • Breeding- Using only horses on this account- 10,000 Using 1 of your horses 11,000 Using 2 of your horses 15,000 Using a stud off the market- 10,000+ Stud fee
  • Studding 10,000 Per horse
  • Sales $1 special happening now on all horses in sale pastures 
  • Rents 5,000 per Year the horses ages while in use
  • Popping 5,000 per Mare Urgent- 10,000
  • Training- 5,000 bc i’m still new
  • Champing 5k to Ch
  • Boarding 500 per IRL day

Please Contact me on this account for any listed services or any other questions or concerns or a service non-listed. Thank you for your time

Area Description Horse Capacity Quality
~Breeding Stock~
Large Brown Country Barn
Offers Welcome!
Mares/Pregnant Mares
100% Filled
Visit Area
New Area
Medium Brown-Blue Country Barn
100% Filled
Visit Area
Small Red Country Barn
Feel Free To Stud To Any 100% Filled
Visit Area
~Young Ones/ Training~
Medium Green Country Barn
100% Filled
Visit Area
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