Bean Team Equestrian

Bean Team Equestrian owned by Bean Team Equestrian

Welcome to Bean Team Equestrian!

BTE takes in any horses that are old or unwanted or

horses that players just don't have space for (so we appreciate donations). 

If you have a horse you would like me to take, just ping me here =)

BTE has taken in around of 158 horses

BTE does not rehome or flip horses, and any horses given to us

will have a forever home here. If you do like any of the horses here, you can adopt them for just 1 dollar

(just ping me in the form above), provided they will have a great 

home and will not just be rehomed straight away. 

United horse rescue club chat:

United horse rescue:

Area Description Horse Capacity Quality
Personal Horses
Large White Board Pasture
Not retired horses 100% Filled
60% Visit Area
Retired Mares
Large White Board Pasture
Mares not in work 67% Filled
70% Visit Area
Rotating pasture
Large White Board Pasture
Extra pasture for skinny horses, extra grass, etc. 50% Filled
67.1% Visit Area
Retired Stallions
Large White Board Pasture
Stallions not in work 67% Filled
66.4% Visit Area
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