!! Stark Hill Stables !!

!! Stark Hill Stables !! owned by layorse

Stark Hill Stables

Welcome to my farm!! Thank you sm for visiting!

Key Points:

1. Studs are always up for stud at 1000 or less!
2. I sell my homebred horses for 1000 or less (ON THE MARKET, NOT ON FORUMS, I DO OFFERS/BIDS THERE)  even if they are worth more than that (because ppl don't seem to buy more expensive horses nowadays)

3. {SH} , |SH| , ~SH~ are my brands, {SH} is for my Quarabs, |SH| is for my Arabians, and ~SH~ is for my new line of Spanish Jennets. Once you buy them, it is your choice to keep it or add your own!! They're not my horse anymore, so you may do as you please.
4. Join my Quarab breeding forum to see updates on my Quarabs!!

Area Description Horse Capacity Quality
Arabian Stud Barn
Large Brown Country Barn
58% Filled
Visit Area
Arabian Broodmares
Large White Board Pasture
Older Arabians 75% Filled
74.8% Visit Area
Arabian Foals
Large White Board Pasture
Arabian Fillies & Colts 75% Filled
71% Visit Area
Arabian Broodmares 2
Large White Board Pasture
67% Filled
73.3% Visit Area
Large Brown Country Barn
75% Filled
Visit Area
Quarab Base Studs
Medium White Board Pasture
38% Filled
67.6% Visit Area
Holding Pasture
Medium White Board Pasture
0% Filled
73.1% Visit Area
Spanish Jennets
Medium Brown-Blue Country Barn
88% Filled
Visit Area
Arabian Foals 2
Medium Brown-Blue Country Barn
63% Filled
Visit Area
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