Happy Trails farm

Happy Trails farm owned by Horse_Girl1

 I am a trainer meaning if/when you give me your horse I will train it up for you. I am also a breeder meaning I breed all of my mare with top level stallys. If you are interested in buying one of my horses please message me and I will be glad to sell them to you. Also if you are interested in sponsoring me please message me here is my forum to talk to me:

Info on needed skills for each discipline:

Competition Name Stats Evaluated
Barrel Racing: Agility, Speed, Strength, Balance
Cross Country: Stamina, Strength, Agility, Balance
Cutting: Agility, Intelligence, Strength, Speed
Dressage: Movement, Balance, Tempo, Strength
Driven Dressage: Movement, Balance, Strength, Tempo
Endurance: Stamina, Speed, Agility, Tempo
Harness Racing: Speed, Stamina, Strength, Tempo
Hunter: Movement Strength, Tempo, Balance
In-Hand Jumping: Intelligence, Agility, Strength, Stamina
Log Pull: Strength, Stamina, Movement, Tempo
Marathon Driving: Strength, Stamina, Tempo, Intelligence
Obstacle Driving: Strength, Agility, Stamina, Balance
Pole Bending Speed: Agility, Intelligence, Balance
Racing: Speed, Stamina, Strength, Speed
Reining Agility: Strength, Movement, Balance
Saddleseat: Balance, Agility, Movement, Intelligence
Show Jumping: Balance, Strength, Agility, Speed
Sprint Racing: Speed, Strength, Agility, Speed
Steeplechasing: Speed, Agility, Strength, Stamina
Western Pleasure: Intelligence, Balance, Movement, Tempo
Western Trail: Agility, Balance, Intelligence, Stamina
Working Ranch: Intelligence, Agility, Balance, Strength

Title Points Needed
Champion - 200 Points
Grand Champion - 700 Points
Master Champion - 1,500 Points
Master Grand Champion - 3,000 Points
Supreme Champion - 4,900
Supreme Grand Champion - 7,300
Supreme Master Grand Champion - 10,000

Temperaments Needed For Each Competition
high Strung:
Sprint Racing
Harness Racing

Pole Bending
Barrel Racing
Driven Dressage

Show Jumping
Cross Country
Obstacle Driving
Marathon Driving

Working Ranch

Log Pull
Western Pleasure
Western Trail
Area Description Horse Capacity Quality
Pasture #1
Large White Board Pasture
Biggest pasture 25% Filled
100% Visit Area
Hay pasture
Small White Board Pasture
Used to grow hay. 0% Filled
4.9% Visit Area
New Area
Small White Board Pasture
0% Filled
4.9% Visit Area
For sale horses.
Small Natural Board Pasture
Used for horses that are for sale. 0% Filled
4.9% Visit Area
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