!***Achhave Land of Horse***!

!***Achhave Land of Horse***! owned by AhsokaOnEarth

AhsokaOnEarth's Ranch


'Round here I'm a simple horse owner- but I do enjoy breeding horses. If you need to talk to me- feel free!


I don't play that much anymore


Area Description Horse Capacity Quality
For Sale (Or for sale in the future)
Large Brown Country Barn
:D Thank you for stopping by! 33% Filled
Visit Area
Project horses
Small Driftwood Board Pasture
75% Filled
82.7% Visit Area
Small Walnut Board Pasture
Maybe for sale? prob not. 0% Filled
100% Visit Area
Large White Board Pasture
Some of my sweetest horseys are here :) 58% Filled
44% Visit Area
Retirement For Horses
Large Walnut Board Pasture
Here people can retire their horses. :> 0% Filled
7.8% Visit Area
French Trotter Project Area
Medium Walnut Board Pasture
I'm gonna try and replenish this wonderful breed into the world :)
Thoroughbred x Norfolk Trotter Stallion
Hackney x Norman Cob Mare
88% Filled
11.3% Visit Area
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