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*Tolt Hill Ranch*

*Tolt Hill Ranch* owned by ilovecats1102

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Kylee Palmer ♥

Welcome to Tolt Hill Ranch!

This is an Arabian and Part Arabian Horse Breeding Farm

Our prices range from a  $500-5000 

All of our horses have the symbol "THR" before their name so we can keep track of them, but when you do buy our horses we ask for you to take the symbol off please and thank you!

There will always be horses in the "For Sale" pasture, but they might not be for sale yet because i have reached my ad limit so if you want that certain horse then you can wait for it to go up for sale

If you want a specific horse to trade with offer on one of our horses the number "11" and we will choose one of the horses from your farm we will gladly trade for!

Thanks for visiting!

Area Description Horse Capacity Quality
Stallions and Colts
Large White Board Pasture
THR's Large White Pasture for Stallions and Colts 33% Filled
32.7% Visit Area
Mares and Fillies
Large White Board Pasture
The Large White Fenced Pasture For THR's Mares & Fillies 50% Filled
35% Visit Area
Small White Board Pasture
50% Filled
36.6% Visit Area
Small Espresso Board Pasture
A Small Espresso Colored Pasture For THR's FOR SALE horses 25% Filled
31.1% Visit Area
S and B Horses
Small Yellow Country Barn
THR's Show And Breeding horses 75% Filled
Visit Area
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