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High Hopes Pastures

Welcome to High Hopes Pastures. Currently, we are working on breeding Gypsy Vanners through the use of foundation stock and heavy draft breeding. Our final aim is to have strong presence in all driving disciplines while maintaining the traditional piebald beauty of the Gypsy Cob. If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything, please contact me via forum. 

Broodmares & Studs
In an effort to avoid inbreeding, we are willing to offer all or most of our stock, both Vanner and foundational, for breeding with other stables seeking similar goals. Mares can be leased out for breeding to one of your stallions for an appropriate fee, and stallions can be put on stud after discussion. Likewise, we will be looking for stock to add to our pastures and will gladly discuss pricing for a similar arrangement with other Vanner and foundational breeding farms. 
Area Description Horse Capacity Quality
[D x C] and [F x S]
Large White Board Pasture
[Dales x Clydesdales] and [Friesian x Shire] - the two breeds that cross to make Gypsy Vanners 8% Filled
20.5% Visit Area
Misc. Breeding
Medium Espresso Board Pasture
All horses that are not directly making Gypsy Vanners 0% Filled
16.6% Visit Area
Gypsy Vanners
Medium Walnut Board Pasture
Pureblood Gypsy Vanners 0% Filled
20.6% Visit Area
New Arabians
Small Walnut Board Pasture
50% Filled
93.2% Visit Area
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