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Until registries are in place the Breeding Communities forum will be for players to work together towards creating or improving their favourite breeds.
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Each breed may have only one topic. The first post in the topic is to be informative. It should help explain the breed, and breeding goals; advice on how to select mares and stallions; and links to ideal Stallions available for breeding.
Keeping a directory of breeders working on the same goal is also helpful.
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New Club

Postby Ritsuka_demon » October 2nd, 2019, 1:36 am

i wanted to make this because it seemed like fun this is a club were you can have any breed but Przewalski,Shetland,Tarpan,and Caspian those are the only ones not allowed if its a cross the members will deside if it can be here and this is for new players and older players.


i hope other people like this and join there might be prizes for being a member for a certain amount of time but right now just trying to get members

Ritskua_demon's horse's on side account but part of this
Spanish Jennet's




will add more if members start joining to join use this

your username:
the breed or breeds you want to enter in here:
a horse link for one of the breeds:
and how much dedication you will put in to this club:

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