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Anadolu Pony, Dutch Draft, Deli

Postby Corvus » May 16th, 2023, 2:46 am

Anadolu Pony: (Akhal-Teke x Deliboz) x (Karabakh x Mongolian)

Foals Bred: 8

This is it. The very last breed to make from Mongolians.

My Akhal-Teke mare is only 2*. Good on size, but too tall and too horse. I do have 2 other mares, but they're 0* and much horsier, so this girl will be the one I focus on.

Thundering Sham

Unfortunately, my Delibozes are similar in build, although I have one who is at least on shorter. Both are mares so I'll probably make some half Delibozes first, and then go ahead and breed them to some Akhal-Tekes and see what I get. There are some Deliboz studs available, but after filtering by height, none are good matches for Anadolu Ponies, so probably won't use them.

I have two Karabakhs. My mare is 0* as she has a similar build to the first two breeds. I have a half Karabakh colt who is 2*. Paired with a decent Mongolian, he might work out, but I'll probably breed a few more half Karabakhs too.

Harmony Sublime

A few of my Mongolians are 4*. They are all too bulky, but good on height and ponyness. Any of my Mongolians that were not ideal for Anadolus are up for sale.

But this project is definitely going to involve making half breeds for three of the four breeds needed for this, so that'll be step one.

I managed to get a 5* Karabakh x Mongolian mare

Sucrose Skyline

And I have some 4* Akhal-Teke x Deliboz stallions. I think they're mostly off in height and some by not that much. I have several other mares already aged up that I'm running now that are close but not super close. If they don't manage to make an Anadolu, Sucrose will hopefully come through.

I was really prepared for this to be a long one, but 8 foals in and I got lucky!

Thunderbolt Wizard

And with this breed done, I am finally done with Mongolians! I've had them pretty much since I started the game and I'm kinda sad to see them go, but it's also so nice to not need them.

Quest Complete 18 May 23!

Dutch Draft: Belgian x (Ardennais x Belgian Ardennais)

Foals Bred: 1

Once I have Dutch Drafts, I can try for the Poitevin which will allow me to get rid of my Norwegian Fjords. I have Ardennais and Belgian Ardennais, all at 5*. I do not have a Belgian, but I'll probably just be keeping the fillies and using an available stud.

Another one on the first try!

Wistful Daybreak

Quest Complete 17 May 23!

Deli: Caspian x (Arabian x WAB)

Foals Bred: 1

Doing this one cause I did Deliboz so why not Deli too? Since they need 10-30% size and 75% horse to 55% pony, my reject Arabians might come in useful. Some of them are 5* like this one

Reject Campfire Flicker

I went ahead and picked up a Caspian filly who is 4*, just a bit too short.

A Poppy Wings

There's some Caspians available that I might breed her to so maybe I can get some 5*, but I might also see if there's some Arabian x WABs out there that I can use. Might be able to skip needing my own crosses, although I'll start making them just in case.

That ended up being easy!

Courageous Giggle

Quest Complete 17 May 23!

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Poitevin, Pindos Pony, Riwoche

Postby Corvus » May 21st, 2023, 11:00 pm

Poitevin: Norwegian Fjord x Dutch Draft

Foals Bred: 16

Once I get this breed, I can get rid of my Dutch Draft as well as my Fjords. I only have one Dutch Draft, and he's 3* as he's just a little too pony.

Wistful Daybreak

I have 3 Norwegian Fjord mares, but they're all 0*. While waiting for my colt to age up, I'll breed some more Fjords and hopefully get some at least somewhat better fillies. I have a few 2* stallions, which is also not great, but maybe they'll make something at least closer even if they're still 0*.

Took a little bit, but got this one complete!

Forest Mirage

Quest Complete 22 May 23!

Pindos Pony: Tarpan x (Caspian x NAB)

Foals Bred: 1

My Tarpans are mostly 0* and I have one that's 2* but she's also way too bulky so. This one is my closest that I have

Pure Chariot

So while I'm waiting on getting a Caspian x NAB, I might try to get something a little closer. At least my Caspian is a little better at 4*.

A Poppy Wings

I don't have a NAB, but there's enough available studs that I should be okay without one.

And done!

Dreamy Brick

I'm gonna see if I can breed a filly though cause I need this breed for 3 others and I'm guessing I'll need more than just this one colt.

Quest Complete 22 May 23!

Riwoche: Prz x (Prz x Tarpan)

Foals Bred: 1

I picked up this Przewalski mare who is a 5* Riwoche

Spooked the Emotion

And I had this 4* Przewalski x Tarpan stallion hanging around

Zealous Haze

So hopefully this one will be fairly quick. Especially since the stallion's getting old so I might not have him much longer.

Got a Riwoche and I still have the stallion!

Evermore Brawn

I don't need this breed for anything so I can sell him immediately

Quest Complete 21 May 23!

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Kathiawari, Banker, Camargue

Postby Corvus » May 23rd, 2023, 3:16 pm

Kathiawari: Baladi x (Arabian x Turkmene)

Foals Bred: 2

Since I only have two breeds to go on Turkmenes, I figured might as well get them out of the way.

My Turkmene is 5*

Reckless Thorns

I have a 5* Baladi stallion

Turbulent Stockings

And every Arabian I own is 0* but not to worry as there are plenty on the market and with the ranges I need, I'm fairly certain there will be plenty of 5* available. I have two Baladi mares, but they're both 4* and too short, but they could probably both give me a Kathiawari. I'm hoping I end up with a Arabian x Turkmene mare though.

Got this Arabian x Turkmene mare

Timeless Dew

She's too short but otherwise 4* so she should work out.

Got one!

Double Bee

Quest Complete 24 May 23!

Banker: NAB x Spanish Jennet

Foals Bred: 1

I keep forgetting my Spanish Jennets are in their own pasture now and can't find them. But I have three at the moment with two foals on the way. My mares are 2 and 3* but my stallion is 4*

Seeking Nectarine

And I just picked up this NAB mare who is 4*

Mom Fairy

Might take her a few foals, but she and Nectarine should work out just fine.

And it just took the one!

Obsidian Tsunami

Quest Complete 23 May 23!

Camargue: (Arabian x Forest Horse) x (NAB x TB)

Foals Bred: 12

All my Forest Horses are too tall and too bulky. I think this one will be the best to work with.

Fluffy Thundercloud

A lot of my Arabians are pretty good matches. This one is 5*

Reject Iron Indigo

But since the Forest Horse is so much thiccer than needed, I'm wondering if I might be better off with a normal Arabian rather than a reject. If the rejects aren't working out well, I'll probably do that. After I bred my Arabian to my Forest Horse, it occurred to me that I probably should have looked to see if better Forest Horse studs were available.

My NAB from above is a 3* Camargue and is way too horsey. My TBs are all terrible so I'll just rely on available studs. Also there is a NAB x TB stallion on the market. He's up for offers though, so no idea if the owner is still active. But I put an offer on him and if they accept, I can probably skip this step.

I was making some TBs and NABs with better numbers, but before I could get the first foals, I got a Camargue!

Wish Moon

Quest Complete 24 May 23!

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Skyros Pony, Baluchi, Karachia

Postby Corvus » May 25th, 2023, 6:40 pm

Skyros Pony: Tarpan x (Caspian x Pindos Pony)

Foals Bred: 5

Almost all my Tarpans are awful for this breed except for this colt who is 5*

Gold Skeleton

So clearly, I just need to make sure I only have Caspian x Pindos mares and I'll be fine.

My Caspian mare doesn't have enough bulk, but I have a Pindos who is 4* and on the top of the range for size.

Dreamy Brick

So I should manage this with just these three. At the moment, I'll be counting on them to get the job done.

And here's my Skyros!

Blessed Whistle

Quest Complete 27 May 23!

Baluchi: Kathiawari x WAB

Foals Bred: 2

I have two Kathiawari colts, both who are 5*

Ultimate Wisdom

I'll use him because he's chestnut and I like chestnut horses. I have this 4* WAB mare to pair him with

Thunder Snow

She's too tall, but hopefully she'll work out. I might unfreeze her before the colt is aged up and breed a few more WABs and hopefully get a shorter one.

Only took two tries on this one!

Arctic Drizzle

Now to sell him and re-freeze my WAB

Quest Complete 26 May 23!

Karachia: (Andalusian x Cleveland Bay) x Kabarda

Foals Bred: 0

So none of my Andalusians are good. The best I have is 2*. They're mostly too tall, not bulky, and too horse. The Cleveland Bays up for stud are worse in the bulk and horse categories, so I'm gonna make some decent Andalusians first.

And Kabardas are even worse. So in order to make things easier, I got a Belgian x Clydesdale mare and bred her to my Kabarda so I should hopefully get some thicc Kabardas so I'm not relying on my Andalusians for everything on this one.

All the Cleveland Bay x Kabardas I've been getting have been colts, and although some of them are good, I really want some fillies and I finally got one.

Enraged Walnut

She is only 1% not pony enough but otherwise perfect. I have some decent Kabardas too, so once she's aged up, I'll start trying with her.

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