Prefix's [A] Limitless of Suffix

Supreme Master Grand Champion +

Part Friesian x Trakehner [66%]

Colour Seal Brown
Age 5 years, 4.6 months
Gender Stallion
Height 16.2hh
Weight Moderate 1,752 lbs
Build Horse-type, Medium
Temperament High Strung
Sire MCh. [A] Far From the Sun
Dam [A] Keep on Rollin'
Owner abbiedabbiedoo
Breeder Eugene
This mare is pregnant to

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Owners Comments: Born spirited ~ 34.20 ~ 66,400 HGP
Strength 35
Intelligence Gold
Balance 43 Gold
Movement 67 Gold
Tempo 32 Gold

Breeders Report

Fairly strong stallion, from what I can tell.  Real fast stallion you've got here!  Your stallion has a typical amount of stamina.  Your stallion is easy on the eyes when he moves.  This stallion's tempo is like clockwork!  Nice stallion! Really knows how to keep himself balanced.  This stallion is sprightly, you should be proud!  If this stallion were in school, he would get straight As!

Movement Tempo Balance Intelligence Horse Genetic Potential: 66,400

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Discipline / Title Points Earnings Starts 1sts 2nds 3rds Win % PPS [Level]
Supreme Master Grand Champion (SMGCh.)
16,811 $1,171,399 691 237 182 156 83.2 % 24 [Level 4]
Driven Dressage
Master Champion (MCh.)
2,550 $345,111 103 27 34 19 77.7 % 25 [Level 5]
Hunter 199 $12,134 51 0 1 4 9.8 % 4 [Level 3]
Totals 19,560 $1,528,644 845 264 217 179 78.1 %

Training Condition



Total   798.4%

Training History (coming soon)

Leg Yield - Wow! Your horse walked diagonally facing away from his bend, like a Grand Prix pro!

+100 experience awarded

5 min, Loose Rein at a Trot in the Arena
Pony was relaxed and happy throughout the movement, very willing.
Speed +0.35, Stamina +0.2, Balance +0.45, Movement +0.6, Tempo +0.58

Leg Yield
8 years, 2 months old

5 min, Loose Rein at a Walk in the Arena
Pony was tired and somewhat resistant to the movement.
Speed +0.35, Stamina +0.2, Balance +0.45, Movement +0.6, Tempo +0.58

Leg Yield

5 min, Loose Rein at a Walk in the Arena
Pony was tired and somewhat resistant to the movement.
Speed +0.35, Stamina +0.2, Balance +0.45, Movement +0.6, Tempo +0.58

Leg Yield

Pedigree for SMGCh.+ [A] Limitless

5 years, 4.6 months old Seal Brown Part Friesian x Trakehner Stallion

SMGCh.+ [A] Limitless
Seal Brown Part Friesian x Trakehner Stallion
7-Gen COI: 73.5%
MCh. [A] Far From the Sun
Part Friesian x Trakehner Stallion
7-Gen COI: 92.61%
[A] Keep on Rollin'
Part Friesian x Trakehner Mare
7-Gen COI: 85.29%

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Overall Horses Conformation and Physique
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Criteria Ideal & Rating
Ability Overall Rating
Skill Very Important [Rating *****]
Height Approx 16.2hh [Rating *****]
BCS 5 Moderate [Rating ***]
Build Medium-Heavy [Rating ****]
Temperament Calm [Rating **]
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Stat Rating
Agility Very Good *****
Speed Very Good ****
Strength Good ***
Balance Good **


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Progeny of SMGCh.+ [A] Limitless

9 horses sired by [A] Limitless, 0 are competitive
{O} 63 Movement
Part Friesian x Trakehner
5.5 months
Colt, Silver Brown
out of Wanda Vision
65 movement filly !!
Part Friesian x Trakehner
22 years, 2.7 months
Mare, Chestnut
out of [A] On the Road Again 53
67 movement!!!
Part Friesian x Trakehner
20 years, 4.2 months
Mare, Brown Dun
out of [A] On the Road Again 53
Unnamed Horse #3025156
Grade Horse
21 years, 2.7 months
out of Unnamed Horse #3024028
Unnamed Horse #3025157
Grade Horse
23 years, 9.2 months
out of Unnamed Horse #3024027
Limitless Lotus
Part Trakehner x Friesian
2 years, 8.5 months
Filly, Brown Roan
out of Ch.+ EH Russia's Taikarė Lotus
EH Limitless Purple
Part Friesian x Trakehner
2 years, 9.5 months
Filly, Black
out of EH Impressive Purple
EH Limitless Day
Part Friesian x Trakehner
2 years, 8.5 months
Colt, Black Roan
out of Day Lotus

Summary of Conformation Effects

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[A] Limitless has no achievements, ribbons or trophies to display yet


[A] Limitless is not wearing anything


Carries one copy of the gene for Bay

Carries two copies of the gene for Black

Does not carry any genes for Cream


This horse is kept in the barn:

Dressage Studs [ID: 157847]
at the farm:
Short Story Studs
Total Horses: 11 of 12
Grass Quality: 100%


Weight Gain Mix

100% Daily Energy
Regular Feed: 5.4kg to 10.7kg
Max Feed: 27.8kg
Cost per Turn: $3 to $6
Weight: Moderate 1,752 lbs

Observed Gaits

A 4-beat gait in which each leg steps sequentially
The trot is a two-beat diagonal gait where the diagonal pairs of legs move forward at the same time with a moment of suspension between each beat.
The canter is a controlled, three-beat gait, faster than most horses' trot but slower than the gallop.
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