Temp. Retired Horse Profile

Prefix's [A] 67k/4stat/even/ 66-36-34-43 of Suffix

Master Champion ++

Part Friesian x Trakehner [72%]

Colour undetermined
Gender Stallion
Height 19.0hh
Sire Ch. [A] River of Dreams
Dam [A] Take me on
Owner HorzeLover101
Breeder Eugene

Owners Comments: Variable temp ~ 32.76, 35.60 ~ 67,368 HGP
L. 10 Dressage - 51.11%
Strength 36
Intelligence Gold (genius)
Balance 43 Gold
Movement 66 Gold (like in pics)
Tempo 34 Gold

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Discipline / Title Points Earnings Starts 1sts 2nds 3rds Win %
Master Champion (MCh.)
2,194 $159,208 123 47 35 25 87 %
Driven Dressage
Champion (Ch.)
505 $21,849 18 4 6 4 77.8 %
Western Pleasure
Champion (Ch.)
417 $26,294 29 20 3 3 89.7 %
Totals 3,116 $207,351 170 71 44 32 86.5 %

Pedigree for MCh.++ [A] 67k/4stat/even/ 66-36-34-43

19 years, 9.7 months old Part Friesian x Trakehner Stallion

MCh.++ [A] 67k/4stat/even/ 66-36-34-43
Part Friesian x Trakehner Stallion
7-Gen COI: 82.67%
Ch. [A] River of Dreams
Part Friesian x Trakehner Stallion
7-Gen COI: 69.69%
[A] Take me on
Part Friesian x Trakehner Mare
7-Gen COI: 86.65%

Progeny of MCh.++ [A] 67k/4stat/even/ 66-36-34-43

horses [A] 67k/4stat/even/ 66-36-34-43, are competitive
MGCh.+ [A] Dreamer
Part Friesian x Trakehner
4 years, 4.5 months
Stallion, Red Dun
out of GCh. [A] Runaway Train
MCh. [A] Cheek
Part Friesian x Trakehner
4 years, 5.5 months
Stallion, Red Dun
out of GCh. [A] Runaway Train
Unnamed Horse #3075729
Part Friesian x Trakehner
7 months
out of Ch. [A] Pentel
63k/4stat/even/ 66-38-32-43
Part Friesian x Trakehner
24 years, 0.2 month
out of age


[A] 67k/4stat/even/ 66-36-34-43 has no achievements, ribbons or trophies to display yet


Carries one copy of the gene for Bay

Carries two copies of the gene for Black

Does not carry any genes for Cream

Observed Gaits

A 4-beat gait in which each leg steps sequentially
The trot is a two-beat diagonal gait where the diagonal pairs of legs move forward at the same time with a moment of suspension between each beat.
The canter is a controlled, three-beat gait, faster than most horses' trot but slower than the gallop.
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