Ponderosa Stables

Ponderosa Stables owned by Lila2517

                                                                                   Ponderosa Stables

                                                           Proud Breeder of Quality Friesians

Hi horse lovers!

This farm is a place where I breed mostly Friesians. And sometimes another breed pops up. If I get a horse that I don't like or have room for I will sell him or her for a reasonable price. Some of the stallions here are for public breeding and others are available upon request. If you have any questions about my farm, breeding project, or foals that are for sale, please ping me!   

Selling and Breeding Information:

For information about horses for sale and stud, please visit my

Farm Log

If you would like to buy or stud one of them please quote me in there!

If you buy one of my horses, I would appreciate it if you don't remove the LA behind their names. The LA helps me see which horses I've bred so I don't buy them back or rebreed them. Thanks in advance!


I am not a professional in this game, but I do have a breeding partner:

Puck.Milly, she also breeds Friesians. 

Main account:


Thank you for reading my boring farm information!

Sorry for robbing you of your precious time!

Notes to Self:

Training Stats: 

5.00% Basic Training Bonus

-9.00% Training Intensity Reduction

1.50% Agility Bonus

3.00% Balance Bonus

1.50% Intelligence Bonus

1.50% Movement Bonus

1.50% Speed Bonus

1.50% Stamina Bonus

1.50% Strength Bonus

1.50% Tempo Bonus

+1.00 Trainers Ticket Crafting

Horse Stats:

77 max horses

9 max broodmares

8 max stallions at stud

Show Stats:

2 max shows

1 Highest show level

Area Description Horse Capacity Quality
Friesian Foals and Stallions
Large White Board Pasture
100% Filled
67.5% Visit Area
New Area
Large White Board Pasture
83% Filled
93.9% Visit Area
Other Breeding Projects
Small Green Country Barn
Shetlands 100% Filled
Visit Area
Large Walnut Board Pasture
[Andalusian x Arabian] x Forest Horse 100% Filled
86.9% Visit Area
Arabian Horses
Medium White Board Pasture
63% Filled
100% Visit Area
Random Horses!
Medium Driftwood Board Pasture
63% Filled
100% Visit Area
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