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Pretty Filly

Breed Part Arabian x Thoroughbred
Colour unknown
Age 2 years, 8 months
Gender Filly
Height 17.0hh
Owner peepxtracy
Breeder Kaylee.W1911
Posted 21 minutes ago

Unnamed Horse #3830175

I'd say this filly has an average amount of strength. 
This filly is pretty fast! 
One thing this filly isn't lacking is stamina! 
This filly is very cautious and gracious when she moves. 
This filly is as regular as clockwork. 
I haven't seen this filly trip once. 
I've never seen such an agile horse! 
If this filly were in school, she would get straight As!


$500 or best offer

Arab, Quarter horse foal

Breed Arabian x Quarter Horse
Colour unknown
Age 4.5 months
Gender Filly
Height 11.2hh
Owner peepxtracy
Breeder same
Posted 24 minutes ago

Unnamed Horse #3715781

Doesn't look like she's got much natural strength. 
This filly runs about average, speed-wise. 
Your filly seems to have a good amount of stamina. 
Well, she knows what to do with her feet, moves well which is good. 
Man, this filly keeps a nice regular tempo, real nice! 
Seems to be fairly balanced, that's good. 
Your filly looks to be as agile as most. 
I've examined quite a few horses in my day and this one is definitely one of the smartest I've met!


$500 or best offer

pick up only <3

Breed Thoroughbred
Colour Cremello w/ Stockings and Blaze
Age 2 years, 2.5 months
Gender Filly
Height 14.0hh
Owner el948wh(2)
Breeder Flower.Prince
Posted 33 minutes ago

Flower Acres Rosewater Phantom

no comments


Offers only

Friesian Colt

Breed Friesian
Colour unknown
Age 3 months
Gender Colt
Height 12.0hh
Owner Snailsnail64
Breeder same
Posted Today, 8:17 pm

Shameless Nugget

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Offers only

Purebred Belgian

Breed Belgian
Colour unknown
Age 3 years, 7.5 months
Gender Filly
Height 17.2hh
Owner Moonfrost18
Breeder same
Posted Today, 8:13 pm

[FM] Chrysler Imperial

Strength ++ Speed = Stamina ++ Movement + Tempo + Balance + Agility = Intelligence ++

This filly won't be winning gold medals at the Olympics, but she's still stronger than your average horse. 
What more can I say? This filly has about average speed. 
Your filly has a lot of endurance. 
This filly walks in a perfect manner. 
Your filly has a good tempo about her. 
This filly is a nice ride, very well balanced. 
This filly isn't very agile nor is she stiff. 
This filly could be the next Einstein!


$1,000 or best offer

ISO Training Will Pay $50k

Breed Thoroughbred
Colour Chestnut
Age 2 years, 5.5 months
Gender Colt
Height 15.2hh
Owner rubysale
Breeder Harpersatmidnight
Posted Today, 7:55 pm

EPH Newly Yours

Hi everyone,
I'm looking to have this colt trained in all the stats. I would like to have it take no longer than 3-4 years if that's possible for this price. I can't use forum or chat, but if you are a trainer and you ping me, I will accept your offer. I've never sent a horse to a trainer before so forgive my ignorance. I'm assuming that I pay when I pick him up but not sure. Weight and pictures don't matter to me, but if possible I would like confo in his notes(I'm guessing that's an extra fee but that's fine). Thank you in advance for your time :)


Offers only

Grand Champion Race Horse (ON SALE)

Breed Thoroughbred
Colour Chestnut with white socks
Age 11 years, 0.1 month
Gender Stallion
Height 20.0hh
Owner 16fang76ok
Breeder caila22
Posted Today, 7:53 pm

GCh.+ TBF Got Fury

Great breeding line potential and beautiful Coloring.


$500,000 or best offer

Arabian Stallion

Breed Arabian
Colour unknown
Age 6 years, 2.6 months
Gender Stallion
Height 19.3hh
Owner MysticSunflower
Breeder same
Posted Today, 7:23 pm

SCh. N☆C Silent Weather

89% Endurance Supreme Champion!

1 Green
5 Gold
HGP 70,140

Please keep my brand at the beginning of his name <3


$250,000 or best offer

Thoroughbred Colt

Breed Thoroughbred
Colour Dapple Grey
Age 3 years
Gender Colt
Height 17.1hh
Owner Flower.Prince
Breeder same
Posted Today, 7:11 pm

Flower Acres Loves of Flair

no comments



Arabian Filly

Breed Arabian
Colour unknown
Age 2 years, 9.5 months
Gender Filly
Height 16.1hh
Owner MysticMoney
Breeder TPRacing
Posted Today, 7:10 pm

Digital Huntress

99.1% trained in all disciplines

4* Eval (height)
HGP 68,482

Speed 35 | Strength 25 | Stamina 39 | Intelligence | Balance 51 | Movement 47 | Agility 33 | Tempo 42


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