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Black Belgian x OTTB Crossbreed

Breed Belgian x Thoroughbred
Colour Black
Age 2 years, 11.5 months
Gender Filly
Height 16.0hh
Owner VioletteWoIf
Breeder same
Posted Today, 10:48 am

Mythical Lady

This is as strong a filly as any. 
Well, her natural speed is good. Might want to consider racing this one. 
Your filly has a typical amount of stamina. 
This filly takes steady, certain strides. 
This filly is very steady. 
I haven't seen this filly trip once. 
This filly is very spry! 
This filly is pretty bright.


$30,000 or best offer


Breed Akhal-Teke
Colour unknown
Age 2.5 months
Gender Filly
Height 10.1hh
Owner Shugar
Breeder same
Posted Today, 6:07 am

Got thy Cascade

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Breed Andalusian
Colour unknown
Age 17 years, 5.7 months
Gender Mare
Height 17.1hh
Owner Noblige
Breeder same
Pregnant No
Posted Today, 4:22 am

Bold Aspen

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$20,000 or best offer

Part Icelandic Pony Stallion

Breed Part Icelandic Pony
Colour Dunskin Blanket Appaloosa
Age 5 years, 10.1 months
Gender Stallion
Height 12.1hh
Owner staci821
Breeder same
Posted Today, 3:35 am

95% Icelandic Colt

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Thoroughbred Colt

Breed Thoroughbred
Colour unknown
Age 3 years, 6 months
Gender Colt
Height 13.3hh
Owner mythirion
Breeder same
Posted Today, 2:14 am

[41 - 94 - 64] FREE AND EASY

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Offers only

Trained Endurance Grinder

Breed Half Akhal-Teke
Colour unknown
Age 9 years, 11.6 months
Gender Stallion
Height 16.1hh
Owner Meanwhile
Breeder same
Posted Today, 1:06 am


Gold: Temp, Bal
Green: Stam, Agi, Int
HGP: 59,026

I cannot be certain, but it seems he'll grow into a strong stallion. 
This stallion is pretty fast! 
Nice stallion has a ton of stamina to spare. He'll go the distance for you! 
This stallion is very average, even in the way he moves. 
This stallion keeps time like a musician. 
This stallion could do ballet he has such perfect balance! 
This stallion is quick on its hooves. 
This stallion is pretty bright.



Half Icelandic Pony Stallion

Breed Half Icelandic Pony
Colour Dunskin
Age 16 years, 5.7 months
Gender Stallion
Height 12.2hh
Owner equestrian farm
Breeder staci821
Posted Today, 12:41 am

Half Icelandic Stallion 2

Doesn't look like he's got much natural strength. 
I wouldn't get your hopes up on this stallion, speed isn't one of his strengths. 
This stallion seems to run out of energy fast. 
Cripes, this stallion's feet are all over the place! 
This stallion has an average pace. 
This seems like a very balanced stallion. 
This stallion can't even dodge a snail! 
I'm afraid your stallion isn't very responsive.

equestrian farm

Offers only

2 Gold, 4 Green, 4*, MGCh Western Trail, GCh Racing, Ch Barrel Racing, Ch Marathon Driving, Ch Working Ranch, Ch Reining

Breed Thoroughbred
Colour Gold Champagne
Age 13 years, 7.1 months
Gender Stallion
Height 20.1hh
Owner TigerJade
Breeder same
Posted Yesterday, 8:14 pm

MGCh.++ {SR} Windsong Pioneer

I'd say this stallion has an average amount of strength. 
Your stallion is very fast. 
This stallion has great stamina. 
This stallion walks in a perfect manner. 
Who needs a watch when you've got this stallion, he's got great tempo. 
This is one balanced horse! 
I've never seen such an agile horse! 
Your stallion is as bright as an honor student.


$400,000 or best offer


Breed Part Trakehner x Arabian
Colour Brown Dun
Age 8 years, 8.1 months
Gender Mare
Height 19.2hh
Owner wildhorse island 2
Breeder Cleopatra
Pregnant No
Posted Yesterday, 7:00 pm

Rose on thy Brow

This mare seems as strong as average. 
This mare is real fast! Just eats up the ground. 
One thing this mare isn't lacking is stamina! 
Boy that mare moves well, she should do pretty well for you. 
This mare is as regular as clockwork. 
This mare could do ballet she has such perfect balance! 
I've never seen such an agile horse! 
Wow, this is one smart mare. She knows what she's doing after only one lesson!

wildhorse island 2


Show Horse

Breed Part Arabian x Thoroughbred
Colour unknown
Age 2 years, 11 months
Gender Filly
Height 15.3hh
Owner Angellll
Breeder Phoenix123
Posted Yesterday, 6:55 pm

Ch. Glory*

This is as strong a filly as any. 
This filly is real fast! Just eats up the ground. 
Nice filly has a ton of stamina to spare. She'll go the distance for you! 
Boy that filly moves well, she should do pretty well for you. 
This filly is as regular as clockwork. 
With such perfect symmetry, it's only natural that this filly would have nice balance. 
This filly is quick on its hooves. 
I haven't worked with a smarter horse.


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