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Breed Turkmene
Colour Gold Champagne
Age 20 years, 4.7 months
Height 15.1hh
Owner EA21R&^UYGJHB876543
Posted Yesterday, 7:07 pm

Brazen Giggle

When you breed with this horse, please either sell it, keep it but whatever you do, don't sell it, because I'm always watching >:3


$0 stud fee


Breed Thoroughbred
Colour unknown
Age 3 years, 4.5 months
Height 17.2hh
Owner SecretHolding
Breeder _TBLegacy2_
Posted Yesterday, 6:23 pm

SCh. (CTL) Classical Heir

no comments


$50,000 stud fee

FF Milky Way Romance

Breed Thoroughbred
Colour Smoky Brown Dun
Age 3 years, 5.5 months
Height 16.1hh
Owner Sawd10 Alt
Breeder Frost
Posted Yesterday, 2:25 pm

GCh. FF Milky Way Romance

Smoky Brown Dun.
1 pastern, 1 sock, 1 stocking.
Runs 1:59.7 in Racing. (40 starts)

Sawd10 Alt

$1,000,000 stud fee

Belgian Stallion

Breed Belgian
Colour unknown
Age 6 years, 5.6 months
Height 20.3hh
Owner sholm23
Breeder same
Posted Yesterday, 2:09 pm

Confederate for Guard

no comments


$300 stud fee

Thoroughbred Stallion

Breed Thoroughbred
Colour unknown
Age 7 years, 3.1 months
Height 20.3hh
Owner seashell11
Breeder same
Posted Yesterday, 1:49 pm

Spring Skyline

no comments


$1,000 stud fee

He is a good stallion he will give you good babys

Breed Grade Horse
Colour unknown
Age 3 years
Height 19.1hh
Owner Embrey667
Breeder Haleskirbs
Posted Yesterday, 12:56 pm

White on Space

I'd say this colt has an average amount of strength. 
This colt is pretty fast! 
This colt has great stamina. 
This colt is very average, even in the way he moves. 
This colt is very steady. 
I haven't seen this colt trip once. 
This colt is quick on its hooves. 
This colt is a genius!


$4,900 stud fee

Arabian x Thoroughbred Stallion

Breed Arabian x Thoroughbred
Colour unknown
Age 13 years, 7.6 months
Height 21.1hh
Owner MysticDaphne
Breeder MysticSunflower
Posted Yesterday, 12:30 pm

N☆C Space Exchange

Grinder Stock
1 Green 5 Gold
HGP 69,506


$1,000 stud fee

Anglo-Arabian Stallion

Breed Anglo-Arabian
Colour Gold Champagne
Age 14 years, 1.6 months
Height 16.3hh
Owner Remix
Breeder same
Posted Yesterday, 12:29 pm

GCh. [F#] Elevating Tale

EV: 5
Gold: Speed, Tempo, Agility, Intelligence
Green: Balance
HGP: 64,630


$530 stud fee

a very flashy man

Breed Thoroughbred
Colour very dark charcoal black
Age 6 years, 11.6 months
Height 19.1hh
Owner Emberslays
Breeder nataliebug47
Posted Yesterday, 11:35 am


Not all horses can be strong. Unfortunately, your stallion is one of those. Wow, this is one fast stallion. You've got a natural-born race horse here! One thing this stallion isn't lacking is stamina! I've seen perfect movement and I've seen just plain awful movement. Man, this stallion keeps a nice regular tempo, real nice! Nice stallion! Really knows how to keep himself balanced. This stallion is sprightly, you should be proud! This stallion is pretty bright.


$450 stud fee

Do not use

Breed Grade Horse
Colour Bay Dun Tobiano
Age 5 years, 6.1 months
Height 17.1hh
Owner Collector’s_Fr0zen
Breeder Aubergine
Posted Yesterday, 11:19 am

MCh. .⚝. Baranof

no comments


$5,000,000 stud fee
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