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Breed Thoroughbred
Colour unknown
Age 9 years, 1.6 months
Height 17.2hh
Owner Harrowdale
Breeder mythirion
Posted 10 minutes ago

[43 - 87 - 64] BORN BAD

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$10,000 stud fee

Part Arabian x Thoroughbred Stallion

Breed Part Arabian x Thoroughbred
Colour unknown
Age 6 years, 3.1 months
Height 15.3hh
Owner TPRacing
Breeder same
Posted 29 minutes ago

Ch. T⨳P Sahara Flash

With a little training, he'll grow into quite a strong stallion. 
Your stallion is as quick as a flash. 
Wow, you'd be making a mistake not to compete in endurance events with this stallion! 
Your stallion moves like the rest of them. 
This stallion's tempo is like clockwork! 
Your stallion is very sturdy. 
Your stallion should have no problem on an obstacle course. 
I haven't worked with a smarter horse.


$25,000 stud fee

Appaloosa Stallion

Breed Appaloosa
Colour unknown
Age 3 years, 2 months
Height 16.0hh
Owner Claynitro4life
Breeder same
Posted 36 minutes ago

Opal Tirade

I wouldn't get your hopes up about this one, he's rather weak. 
Seems to have decent natural speed. 
Your colt has a typical amount of stamina. 
This colt walks in a perfect manner. 
This colt has an average pace. 
This seems like a very balanced colt. 
Not only is this colt lithe, he's quick about it as well. 
This colt is as bright as a light bulb!


$7,000 stud fee

Part Shetland Pony x Welsh Pony Stallion

Breed Part Shetland Pony x Welsh Pony
Colour bay
Age 5 years, 9.6 months
Height 10.1hh
Owner Stormy_night
Breeder HL85
Posted Today, 11:26 am


no comments


$50 stud fee

Belgian x Forest horse

Breed Belgian x Forest Horse
Colour Brown
Age 4 years, 5 months
Height 18.1hh
Owner VioletteWoIf
Breeder same
Posted Today, 11:26 am

Pretty Boy

This is as strong a stallion as any. 
I wouldn't get your hopes up on this stallion, speed isn't one of his strengths. 
I wouldn't count on this stallion to win any lengthy races.  
Well, he knows what to do with his feet, moves well which is good. 
Man, this stallion keeps a nice regular tempo, real nice! 
I like the look of this one, really well balanced. 
Your stallion looks to be as agile as most. 
If you could measure this stallion's intelligence on a scale of 1 to 10, it would rate a good 5.


$500 stud fee


Breed Russian Trotter
Colour Вороная
Age 19 years, 7.2 months
Height 15.3hh
Owner GrayGray's Reserve
Breeder GrayGray
Posted Today, 9:01 am

ᴿᵀᴳ Призрак

no comments

GrayGray's Reserve

$10,000,000 stud fee

High wps Grand champion

Breed Belgian
Colour unknown
Age 3 years, 10 months
Height 18.2hh
Owner Liliatha
Breeder Noranda
Posted Today, 2:22 am

GCh.+ N~ Rock Eclipse

GCh. Log pull (93.9 wps), Ch. Obstacle driving (76.9wps)

5* Belgian
GOLD Stam, Intel


$5,000 stud fee

High wps Champion

Breed Thoroughbred
Colour Red Dun
Age 5 years, 4.6 months
Height 16.2hh
Owner Liliatha
Breeder Nakuru
Posted Today, 2:20 am

Ch.++ N~ Jaded

Ch. steeplechase (94.4WPS), Ch. sprint(100WPS), Ch. saddleseat (91.3WPS)

3 GOLD spd, stam, intel
GREEN agil


$5,000 stud fee

Speedy stallion with good CHAMPION genes.

Breed Thoroughbred
Colour chestnut
Age 9 years, 3.1 months
Height 20.2hh
Owner HL85
Breeder same
Posted Today, 1:47 am


This stallion seems as strong as average. 
This stallion is faster than lightning! 
Your stallion could run all day and not be tired! 
This stallion walks in a perfect manner. 
Who needs a watch when you've got this stallion, he's got great tempo. 
This is one balanced horse! 
Your stallion could change direction on a dime. 
Wow, this is one smart stallion. He knows what he's doing after only one lesson!


$200 stud fee

Sooty Dapples

Breed Turkmene
Colour Sooty Dapple Palomino
Age 9 years, 9.1 months
Height 15.3hh
Owner Meanwhile
Breeder same
Posted Today, 1:25 am

Rainy Day

This guy has sooty dapples!
GP: 32,668

Who sold you this beast? He's got no natural strength whatsoever! 
Your stallion is very fast. 
Seems to have decent stamina. 
I've seen more graceful pigs. 
This stallion's pace corresponds with that of a high school drummer; too fast and too frequent! 
This stallion looks like it could be pushed over by a breeze. 
Seems fairly agile, but hard to say for sure. 
I wouldn't rely on this stallion's brainpower to win any competitions.


$1,000 stud fee
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