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S.F. Whiskey

Breed North African Barb
Colour Chestnut Pinto
Age 6 years, 5 months
Height 15.1hh
Owner _K.s.a.u.r.n.a_
Posted Today, 4:56 am

S.F. Whiskey

Chestnut Pinto stallion, 15.1hh, bombproof temperament, Rescue horse.


$150 stud fee

68kgp 5 gold. Grinder

Breed Arabian
Colour Buckskin
Age 6 years, 6.6 months
Height 20.1hh
Owner Liliatha
Breeder Nakuru
Posted Today, 3:52 am

N~ Zal Classic ☆

Endurance grinder bloodlines. [Best mare line. Very good sire]
Very happy with him. Very good grinder.

4* Arabian
5 GOLD spd, temp, bal, agil, intel


$5,000 stud fee

Private Stud

Breed Spotted Saddle Horse
Colour unknown
Age 3 years, 8.5 months
Height 15.0hh
Owner ChampionStar3
Breeder Tisha
Posted Today, 2:50 am

MCh. Polaris of <CS>

Private Stud


$100,000 stud fee

71kgp 5gold 1 green. Grinder

Breed Arabian
Colour Palomino
Age 6 years, 11.1 months
Height 20.2hh
Owner Liliatha
Breeder Nakuru
Posted Today, 2:29 am

N~ Galanthus ☆

Grinder dam. Sire has produced full and half siblings that turned into good grinders as well.
He's one of my best.

71,737 GP
GOLD Stam, Temp, Bal, Agil, Intel
4* Arabian


$5,000 stud fee

+8 Gypsy Vanner

Breed Gypsy Vanner
Colour Dapple Grey
Age 7 years, 7.1 months
Height 15.2hh
Owner DestinoRidge
Breeder kandaz
Posted Today, 2:15 am

Ford Ranger

no comments


$1,111 stud fee

73K HGP!!!

Breed Arabian
Colour unknown
Age 8 years, 0.6 month
Height 18.2hh
Owner pugsareawesome0780
Breeder natashalyonnestan
Posted Today, 12:33 am

Forever Chance♤

This is as strong a stallion as any. 
Wow, this is one fast stallion. You've got a natural-born race horse here! 
This stallion can run a marathon and then some!  
This stallion is a natural mover. 
Your stallion keeps time better than any conductor I've seen. 
I'd ride this stallion across a rickety old bridge and not be afraid. 
Your stallion could change direction on a dime. 
I haven't worked with a smarter horse.


$2,000 stud fee

Tennessee Walking Horse Stallion

Breed Tennessee Walking Horse
Colour unknown
Age 9 years, 5.6 months
Height 21.1hh
Owner LJBM123
Breeder same
Posted Yesterday, 10:29 pm


no comments


$10,000 stud fee

+4 QH

Breed Quarter Horse
Colour Chesnut
Age 10 years, 5.6 months
Height 20.0hh
Owner DestinoRidge
Breeder same
Posted Yesterday, 9:41 pm

ⒹⓇ Ferdinand

Speed 27
Strength 25
Stamina 31
Balance 24
Movement 47
Agility 45
Tempo 36
65,216 HGP


$3,333 stud fee

3 Gold, 2 Green TB Colt - HGP: 66,985

Breed Thoroughbred
Colour chestnut manchado
Age 3 years, 1 month
Height 20.2hh
Owner equine_CRAZY
Breeder same
Posted Yesterday, 8:59 pm

APR - Bigsby (TB)

With a little training, he'll grow into quite a strong colt. 
This colt is unbelievably fast! 
This one can keep going forever! Doesn't even break a sweat. 
Your colt moves like the rest of them. 
Who needs a watch when you've got this colt, he's got great tempo. 
This colt could do ballet he has such perfect balance! 
I've never seen such an agile horse! 
This colt is a genius!


$6,000 stud fee

Andalusian Stallion

Breed Andalusian
Colour unknown
Age 7 years, 5.6 months
Height 15.3hh
Owner Nakuru
Breeder same
Posted Yesterday, 8:48 pm

N~ Red Salt

5* Andalusian
GOLD Intel


$2,000 stud fee
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