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Competition Result Details

  • BRR Obstacle Drive

  • Obstacle Driving competition

  • For horses up to Level 3
  • Open to all breeds
  • Open to Mares, Stallions & Geldings aged 2 to 20 years old
  • Entry fee 40
  • No recurrence
  • Hosted by Blue Rose Ranch

First place Prize:

Spool of Thread
A simple spool of thread, used for crafting goods.

Purse: $701
To be divided among the top 5 winners


Place Horse Score Reward Owner Rider
1 QHF Herald Rose
American Cream Draft Mare
44.53 $273
33 points
Revenant Revenant
2 Ch. CP Maple Tree
Part American Cream Draft x Forest Horse Stallion
41.85 $203
25 points
Revenant Revenant
3 Ch. CP Burnt Sienna
Part American Cream Draft x Forest Horse Mare
41.51 $133
16 points
Revenant Revenant
4 Ch.++ [EM] Solar Anger
Part Belgian x Arabian Stallion
38.87 $63
8 points
Dexpereaux Dexpereaux
5 GCh.++ Pacifico {EDH}
Grade Horse Stallion
Farant Farant
6 MCh.++ ℬℳ Infinite Quote
Arabian Stallion
Totina Totina
7 Ch.+ Time for Bed
Noriker Stallion
dragondawn84 dragondawn84
8 GCh.++ The First Andravida
Andravida Mare
StellaSim StellaSim
9 Baron
Friesian Stallion
Amanda1798 Amanda1798
10 MCh.++ ℬℳ Soft Universe
Arabian Stallion
Totina Totina
11 MCh.++ ℬℳ Better Quality
Arabian Stallion
Totina Totina
12 MCh.++ ℬℳ Polemonium
Arabian Stallion
Totina Totina
13 Ch. Perućica
Forest Horse Mare
Blue Rose Ranch Blue Rose Ranch
14 Ch. SL* Sudden Flame
Arabian Stallion
sandyleigh79 sandyleigh79