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Owning a Top Ranking horse is a an accomplishment achieved through dedication and hard work. These horses are the finest of the finest.

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# Horse Owner Breeder Points
1 TSMGCh. Rh ℬℳ Nature's Watch
Forest Horse, Stallion
Totina2 Totina 262,012
2 SMGCh.++ 2- 73,253 7g ♻ DumbleDash
Arabian, Stallion
SilverSign ZabPara 211,087
3 SMGCh.++ Harry Trotter -- AT STUD -- ♻ 73K 6 GOLD
Arabian, Stallion
GoldenGlory ZabPara 198,370
4 SMGCh.++ Little Pony
Belgian, Mare
Lope slick 191,587
5 SMGCh.++ Look at owners comments
Part Arabian x Trakehner, Stallion
Bombicilla Bombicilla 173,874
6 SMGCh.++ Rh Amethyst
Merens Pony, Stallion
Ricardo Ardo(2) Ricardo Ardo 154,320
7 SMGCh.++ P33♛Chesnut Popsickle (RB Movm. 69)
Trakehner, Stallion
panka33 SilverSaddle 151,576
8 SMGCh.++ RH P33♛ Bonifác
Trakehner, Stallion
panka33 SilverSaddle 146,409
9 SMGCh.++ P33♛Éclair
Trakehner, Stallion
panka33 SilverSaddle 140,852
10 SMGCh.++ Rh ℬℳ Victory Dust
Half Forest Horse, Stallion
Totina2 Totina 136,341
11 SMGCh.++ ~TRR Royale Edwardo~ 111
Arabian, Stallion
Royal Training Royale Ranch 129,869
12 SMGCh.++ RH P33♛Bounty 65, 3G 1gr
Belgian, Stallion
panka33 SilverSaddle 127,701
13 SMGCh.++ Rh Treacle
Merens Pony, Stallion
Ricardo Ardo(2) Ricardo Ardo 125,555
14 TSMGCh. [S21] ¤ß¥Å¤ Sucker Punch - 48.94
Part Knabstrupper x Budyonny, Stallion
Silverine II Silverine 123,512
15 SMGCh.++ .Cc. I dig Everything [26, 30, 37, 51][Y-bal, Y-agl, Y-int][80%]
Part Knabstrupper x Turkmene, Stallion
reyn2 reyn 118,444
16 SMGCh.++ RH P33♛Toblerone Str69
Belgian, Stallion
panka33 SilverSaddle 116,925
17 SMGCh.++ P33♛Smarties 50,9 3G
Belgian, Stallion
panka33 SilverSaddle 105,295
18 SMGCh.++ Padawan Stormy IC-EE
Arabian, Stallion
meadowwoods BleedingHrt 96,961
19 SMGCh.++ Send Back
Pintabian, Stallion
Lope slick 96,580
20 SMGCh.++ Rh Melody
Grade Horse, Mare
Kelpie Parsnip 93,508
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