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"In order to succeed, we must first believe we can ~ Nikos Kazantzakis"

A Little About Me:

I am an adult player (18 or over) and have loved, ridden, and drawn horses since I was very young. I have yet to own one but hope to in the near future. I do not take my game competitively and am always willing to help.

About Training:

HOF 2 Training Forum (Closed For Good)

* I only private train for people listed below *

Client:# Horses:Rate:

Basic Account Info:

Max Horses21
Strength Training Bonus+40.00%
Tempo Training Bonus+40.00%
Speed Training Bonus+40.00%
Agility Training Bonus
Balance Training Bonus
Intelligence Training Bonus
Movement Training Bonus
Stamina Training Bonus

Basic Account Info:

Training Bonus+10.00%
Training Intensity Reduction-40.00%
Max Competition Level10
Max Competition Hosting4
Tickets to CraftingIn Progress

Player Bonuses:

Increase (+50%) XPUnlocked
Day Regeneration (-50%)Unlocked
Max Horses (+25%)Don't Need
Skill Learning (-40%)Unlocked
Double Saved DaysUnlocked
Additional 2hrs/dayUnlocked
Training Reduction (-25%)Unlocked

Competitions(Courtesy of sandyleigh79):

Barrel RacingAgility, Speed, Strength, Balance
Cross CountryStamina, Strength, Agility, Balance
CuttingAgility, Intelligence, Strength, Speed
DressageMovement, Balance, Tempo, Strength
Driven DressageMovement, Balance, Strength, Tempo
EnduranceStamina, Speed, Agility, Tempo
Harness RacingSpeed, Stamina, Strength, Tempo
HunterMovement, Strength, Tempo, Balance
In-Hand JumpingIntelligence, Agility, Strength, Stamina
Log PullStrength, Stamina, Movement, Tempo
Marathon DrivingStrength, Stamina, Tempo, Intelligence
Obstacle DrivingStrength, Agility, Stamina, Balance
Pole BendingSpeed, Agility, Intelligence, Balance
RacingSpeed, Stamina, Strength, Speed
ReiningAgility, Strength, Movement, Balance
SaddleseatBalance, Agility, Movement, Intelligence
Show JumpingBalance, Strength, Agility, Speed
Sprint RacingSpeed, Strength, Agility, Speed
SteeplechasingSpeed, Agility, Strength, Stamina
Western PleasureIntelligence, Balance, Movement, Tempo
Western TrailAgility, Balance, Intelligence, Stamina
Working RanchIntelligence, Agility, Balance, Strength

Point System (Courtesy of sandyleigh79):

 Champion - 200 Points
Grand Champion - 700 Points
Master Champion - 1,500 Points
Master Grand Champion - 3,000 Points
Supreme Champion - 4,900 Points
Supreme Grand Champion - 7,300 Points
Supreme Master Grand Champion - 10,000 Points
RH - Current Record Holder
Rh - Former Record Holder

Last Updated:

Jan. 11th, 2020

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April 2nd, 2019



Joined: March 4th, 2019

Holding Account:

HallOfFame 3

Joined: June 22nd, 2019

Area Description Horse Capacity Quality
HOF ~ Decorative Barn
Large Brown Country Barn
For decoration purposes
Used for Age Out horses (15+yrs)
No feed is provided
33% Filled
Visit Area
HOF ~ Training Paddock
Large White Board Pasture
Training Paddock
Do not mow
Good for weight gaining
Suitable for horses 0-6m
0% Filled
100% Visit Area
HOF ~ Secondary Training Paddock
Small White Board Pasture
Training paddock
Can be mowed
Good for temperament adjustments
Suitable for horses 6m and older
0% Filled
100% Visit Area
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