Whispering Willow Estates

Whispering Willow Estates owned by RenegadPegasus

Champion: 200
Grand Champion: 700
Master Champion: 1,500
Master Grand Champion: 3,000
Supreme Champion: 4,900
Supreme Master Grand Champion: 10,000

Red= [color=#FF0000][/color]
Blue= [color=#0000FF][/color]
Yellow= [color=#FFFF00][/color]
Green= [color=#008000][/color]
Orange= [color=#FF8000][/color]
Purple= [color=#BF40BF][/color]
Turquoise= [color=#00FFFF][/color]
Teal= [color=#00BFBF][/color]

Area Description Horse Capacity Quality
Rescue Horses
Large White Board Pasture
Just some rescued horses. I will buy $1000 or less horses from the market and age them out here, in peace. Also, {WWRH} stands for Whispering Willow Rescue Horse. 50% Filled
90% Visit Area
Small Purple Country Barn
25% Filled
Visit Area
Xilingol Breeders
Large White Board Pasture
[Kabarda x Russian Don] x [Akal-Teke x Sanhe 83% Filled
100% Visit Area
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