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**✿❀ { Faithy's Fantastic Farm } ❀✿** owned by Faithywaithy34

- { Hello There. O.. What do I do on this boring-looking farm? Well.. LOTS OF ( TOP Secret ) Stuff. } 

- { Nah, I'm just kidding }

- { I do Breeding forums, Training forums, and more! I also take in unwanted horses that can't be put to good use the the owners anymore! } 

- { I usually won't take my interests of taking in OLD horses of course. But I will be taking in horses around ages 5 -12 years old. }
- { Here are some questions if you're still clueless.. } 

More Questions Anybody?:

. Do You take in any horses that are 13+ years older? 
. Some of the time, I will

. Do you Sell any horses? 
. Yes indeed I do.

. Can I trade horses with you?
. Less most likely of the time I will, but rarely.

. Of how much of the time you'll be on?
. Depending on my schewl work, it really matters.

. How many Stallions would you be able to put up for Studs?
. Probably only at least 1 - 2 depending on what and which person wants to breed mine with thier's.

. Can You get a life?
. I have a life outside of work you know.

Progressive State: 

I am currently In a progressive state form right now, and if you and or I have any delays with each other, I am sorry. Its just depending on how much school work I have or want to finish before I do ANYTHING else non - School work. As you can see, my farm is currently a small and rocky farm and probably not in the bestest shape about now. But I will work my hardest to succeed and contain my customers satisfactions. I will also try to maintain for playing as long as I can. 

 Events and More!:

I will also be setting up events and more fun projects with you guys for the rest of the year. I make sure to change this forum every month from now and then. I also make sure the contest is fair, and also do polls and voting forums to consider the winners of each contest. Most of the Links I use are for deciding.




Upcoming Events:

. Kettle Love ( Valentine Event ) Feb . 14
Kettle Love is a Valentine Event taking place on February 14th, 2019. It's where you pick out you're most Three beautiful horses, and will be decided who will win and who has taken the best care of their horses!
( More Info the day BEFORE the Event )

. Fake Fall ( Early Fall Event ) Feb . 20

Fake Fall is an Early Fall event, How did I come up with this event? Well I always think that it should go into a QUICK fall before turning into spring. Anyways, This event is about how many Golden horses you have in your farm. This could also include your other farm too.
( But you will have to show me proof that you own these horses. Its very simple.. More Info Included BEFORE the day of event. ) 

. Bees R Buzzing ( Spring Event ) Mar . 20
Bees R Buzzing is a Spring Event. Making this event one out of my favorite, is that you will have to come up with a beautiful Foal/Colt and that will hold great potential in your farm.
( More info included the day BEFORE the Event. ) 

. Melting Popsicle ( Summer Event ) Apr . 25
Melting Popsicle is a Summer event. It's about how small your horse is. The person who has the smallest Horse/Pony will win. But if there's the same height horse, I will use the spinner to decide. 
( More info Included the day BEFORE the Event. )

. Fallen Leaves ( Fall Event ) Sep . 23
Fallen Leaves is a Fall event, where the person will have to search up a horse that kinda looks similar to their own horse. It could be any horse, even your grandma's. -3-
( More Info Included the day BEFORE the Event ) 

. Frosty the Snowman ( Winter Event ) Dec 29
This Event is the LATEST and most FUNNEST event of the year. This event is about whose horse is either the tallest, the whitest, and one that looks more like frosty. The Event also includes a specific horse breed to enter as well. This is probably the one that's the most hardest. 
( More Info included the day BEFORE the event ) 

Area Description Horse Capacity Quality
Small Natural Board Pasture
Mine 25% Filled
71.5% Visit Area
Large White Board Pasture
Mine to keep :> 25% Filled
64% Visit Area
Small Walnut Board Pasture
BOOTIFUL 25% Filled
62.8% Visit Area
Large White Board Pasture
17% Filled
68.9% Visit Area
Broodmare Arabian / Thoroughbreds
Small Cherry Board Pasture
Not for SALE

( Currently for Broodmares )
50% Filled
77.4% Visit Area
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