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Happy Holidays!

By larissar on December 24


2020 Holiday Gift: 250 Pony Tokens and a brand new item, the Holiday Quarter Sheet!

Make sure to collect your Holiday Gift before the end of the year. This is our thanks to you, for being such a great community. We're all hoping for a fantastic holiday, and a great 2021!

Goat Friday!

By larissar on November 27

The Goats have returned today. It's Goat Friday!

Who doesn't love goats?

Goats make great companions for your horses. Now you can get more goats for your farm. These adorable creatures won't sneak up behind you, eat your clothing or cork boards (don't ask!), and generally cause menace. These are good goats. We promise.

Visit: Buy Goats at the Farm Store

First Quarter Marks Released

By larissar on April 15

Quarter Marks Released

6 patterns to choose from with more in the works

Use these stencils to brush patterns onto your horses haunches to really show them off.

Visit: Quarter Marks in the Tack Store


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