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OPEN Champing People's Horses (New Players Only Need To Pay 2500)

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Black Stallions
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OPEN Champing People's Horses (New Players Only Need To Pay 2500)

Postby Black Stallions » May 17th, 2019, 7:06 am

Hi so I've already champed a horse before, this Arabian is mine.
So I'm going to, if you want me to, champ your horse.

Rules For You And Your Horse:
Your horse has to be 3 or over, that goes for mares and stallions but not over 20 years
They can't be pregnant
Your horse can be pure-bred, a mix of anything I'll still champ it
You have to be patient. For mine it took 2 real days. But it may vary if I'm busy or not.
Your horse won't age at all during the time I have it, if it ages you'll only need to pay half the amount of money. But don't worry that won't happen.
Your horse will not be trained at all while I have it
I can take up to two horses from each person at a time
I only take 5 horses all together

So to Champ a horse for new players it will cost
And to Champ a horse from anyone else it will cost
If you want me to Champ another Horse you'll only need to pay

Giving your horse to me
1. So if you like the way I'll champ your horse, reply to this with a link to it
2. I'll tell you how much money it will all be and you don't have to agree
3. Then you put your horse up for offers and I offer 1$ and you accept
4. Depending on how many horses i have at the time I'll train your horse in around 4-5 real days
5. I put your horse back up for offers and you offer the price it took to Champ it
And that's how easy it is for me to Champ your horse.

Open Slots
1) Thundermare
2) Lila2517

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Re: OPEN Champing People's Horses (New Players Only Need To Pay 2500)

Postby Sawd10 » May 18th, 2019, 10:34 am

Hmm... I am thinking to champ one of my horses... You don't steal... Right? Hello?

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