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Welcome to

~Royale Ranch~

(previously known as the Double R Ranch)


Hello All! and welcome to Royale Ranch. someday soon, i'll finish this speil properly... :)

It was my younger siblings who first got me interested in HWO.  first up, i shrugged it off as just another game that they had a craze on.  But somehow, I got interested... dont ask me how, i dont remember.  I set up my own account, had a go - the old sibling rivalry coming out. 

Horses have always held a small part of my heart.  especially, those high stepping show Arabians, oh and the decorated Matched white Arabians pulling carriages...and here and there, some other horses in between ;)

Still a newbie, scrolling through the top ranked horses, i found Totina and Xant'hipppe's SMCh. Golden Honor.  The Golden sheen of his coat, although unrealistic, blurred my vision - and that was to be my goal.

The image of high stepping matched Arabians still plays an important part in my heard... and i havent finshed any more of this speil coz i dont know what to say next :D


~Important links:~

Farm Log

(side account:) Royale

Sales Pasture: not yet in place

~Current Project(s):~

 - Arabian high conformations

 - Australian drought horse (create from scratch)

~Right now:~

 - ummm....aging out 36 horses.... 

~Immediate Goals:~

 - Breed West African Barb x 4 separate lines

~WAB status:~

 - WEST AFRICAN BARB - [Arabian x North African Barb] x [North African Barb x Forest Horse]

- Arabian (ancient breed)

- North African Barb (ancient breed)

- North African Barb (ancient breed)

- Forest Horse (ancient breed)

Part A:

purchase 8 AC horses per breed.  note must be 4x stallions, 4xmares

Part B:

1.0 - breed 4x arabianxnab 

2.0 - breed 4x nabxforest

Part c:

Breed 1.0 and 2.0 breeds together.

~Notable Horses:~

Liesel: longest Serving mare: (26 foals!!!!!!)

~Useful links:~

~Training Service Information:~

 - Training by request - dont be scared!  the only reason that i'm holding off public training right now is because ive offered to train a large quantity of horses for another player... but they havent responded yet...... :)

scroll down further to see a list of people that i remember training for

99% per stat, total approx. 795% training, under a week real time, between 2 1/2 - 3 horse years = $25k per horse.     

NOTE: this price will increase for public training

~Current Training (and status):~

 - Jockey Horses x 8? ready for pickup since mid December 2018... holding until March, then selling.

~Players Trained For:~



D.M. Boarding


+ More

~other personal - and random - notes:~


look for good - or great BR's... only use conf to refine.  also remember to watch other stats closely.

Aussie Royale:


Royale Ranch:

Royale Training:

Royal Training:

Crown Royal Ranch:

Crown Royal Stables:


Area Description Horse Capacity Quality
Large Brown Country Barn
8% Filled
Visit Area
AC Forest horse mares
Large White Board Pasture
58% Filled
100% Visit Area
AC Arabian Mares
Large White Board Pasture
33% Filled
100% Visit Area
Stallions/colts aging
Large White Board Pasture
switch when get old enough 0% Filled
100% Visit Area
Fillies aging
Large White Board Pasture
0% Filled
100% Visit Area
Empty Barn
Medium Brown-Blue Country Barn
0% Filled
Visit Area
Mares: FOREST x NAB (1)
Large White Board Pasture
<*3 83% Filled
90.4% Visit Area
Mares: ARABIAN X NAB (1)
Large White Board Pasture
75% Filled
92.4% Visit Area
Mares: FOREST x NAB (2)
Large White Board Pasture
5/4* 83% Filled
92.5% Visit Area
Mares: ARABIAN x NAB (2)
Large White Board Pasture
67% Filled
98.1% Visit Area
Other Mares
Large White Board Pasture
83% Filled
94.5% Visit Area
West African Barbs
Large White Board Pasture
75% Filled
90.1% Visit Area
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