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Equine Rescue ﷼ER﷼ Farm Log

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Equine Rescue ﷼ER﷼ Farm Log

Postby crunchy » August 1st, 2020, 10:54 am

Equine Rescue ﷼ER﷼

"Horses are better together"

Our logo

Coming once someone makes me one pls?

Our Brand

﷼ER﷼ ~ Equine Rescue (My farm brand)
﷼NR﷼ ~ Not Rescued (Horses that are not rescued)
﷼R﷼ ~ Rescued (Horses that are rescued)

What we do

Here at Equine Rescue ﷼ER﷼ we rescue those young and old, strong and weak and who really need us! So if you know of any horses you know that need to be rescued. Please "ping" me and I will rescue them from there current owner!

How to know if a horse needs to be rescued

~ If it is very thin or poor
~ If it is in a barn with NO food or very little
~ Or if you are just about to re-home -you never know where it is going to go so I rescue them

Locations your horse will go to

Mares ll
Stallions ll
Foals ll

Donate! To help the ones who need it!

"All of my profits go to adding more pastures and giving the horses more food when they need it!"
Please "ping me" if you can donate any money! Every cent counts!!! :)

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