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Random Breed Clearout

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Random Breed Clearout

Postby AndIoop_sksksk » May 21st, 2019, 5:52 pm

Well, who wants horses!? I need to start fresh. I am not going to just buy random horses anymore, so in order to start fresh, all horses must go. All BUT the following. All you need to do visit my farm and pick out some horses and fill out the application! :)

All horses must be sold except for:
1. Thorughbreds
2. Horses in the " Rare Breed Buisness" barn
Other than that all are for sale.

Horses you want ( along with your prices)

Enjoy! I got some good ones, so take a look! :)
Meadow Hill Stables

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Come find me in chat or PM me, let me now if you are interested in any TBS. Peace Out!

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