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Freiberg Breeding Community

Postby meganamber » July 11th, 2018, 1:11 pm

~The Freiberg Horse~
(Also known as the Franches Montagnes and Freiberger)


Breed Characteristics

-14.3-15.2 hands
-Traditional colors are chestnut and bay
-There are two types of Freibergs, a heavier type with a stronger build and muscular joints for pulling things and carrying loads, and a lighter type more suitable for riding
-The head is noble and intelligent and has Arabian features
-The neck is muscular and well developed
-The chest is broad and deep
-The legs are sturdy and well proportioned
-The hooves are well shaped and tough
-Freibergs are known for their calm and and willing temperaments

Breed History

The Freiberg horse originated in Switzerland. It has English Thoroughbred, Breton, Arabian, Anglo-Norman and Belgian Draft blood. The breed was used extensively by the Swiss army, especially during both World Wars. The heavier type is used for transport and agriculture, but since machines have taken over most work that the horse used to do, the lighter type of Freiberg used for riding is more extensively bred.

Active In-Game Breeders

ellafuchs wrote:Thought you might want to see this :)

Sources of Information
Currently working on racing Freibergs, Pahlavans, Pseudo-white Thoroughbreds, Paint Mustangs, and High-strung Arabians
Home of Titan, one of HW's top racing Thoroughbreds
Bred the first Freiberg
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Re: Freiberg Breeding Community

Postby ellafuchs » July 14th, 2018, 5:29 pm

Oh nice post :3
I really love Freiberger and I'm from switzerland too xD
And thats why all of my Studs are called Confederatia or Helvetica, because Confederatia Helvetica is like the female national personality in Switzerland ^^

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